Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I had a half of a pound gain last night. Time to boot myself again. I need a swift kick right out of my comfort zone. O f course I have my excuses for the fraction gain. The scale was teeter- tottering and I just accepted the first number seen instead of waiting for a complete stand still to see if it would stop and I did survive the two birthday parties and dinners in five days without a significant gain. I get so defensive with excuses about a lot of things. I heard something new in analyzing my eating disorders, per say, at the meeting. Nothing like blaming someone else to ease the guilt off of ones self. People with a guilty or "bigger is better" eating style can usually find the root of it in their childhood and the attitudes toward food that developed when they were young. "You have to eat everything on your plate because children in some countries are starving." "Clean the plate because it is a sin to waste food." "Eat some more it will make you healthy and strong." Did that instructions really stick with me? Is that why I eat everything on my plate whether I am hungry or not? I must remember what I eat or don't eat doesn't affect anyone but myself! Speaking of eating has made me think of eating, I guess I'll go have breakfast. I'll make only one piece of toast this time with butter ( I'm sorry, self, butter is hard to give up right now.)


Susi said...

Me Too! Working to get off fat, not muscle! I think you're doing well. Have you found all the help online? Lots of us are looking at improving ourselves. I'm on the 5 year plan: 2 to get to a normal weight, 3 to maintain it. Maintaining is harder than losing. Keep up the good work. Exercise is the key. More muscle, more calories burned per minute. DON'T look to the scale to do more than give you an indication. You are building heavy muscle that will replace fat. Your clothes will give ypu a better indicaton of weight. I use Nutridiary to assure that I'm getting all the Vitamins and minerals I need. It's calorie based & free. There are several others, and lots of forums with healthy recipes. I wish you great joy in your tranformation!

Susi said...

Thanks for the Blog visit. If you like one of my add-ons, just click on it and it will take you to the site that I got it from. I'm still looking for a cursor/pointer that looks like a honey bee. Saw one on a site and loved it.
Yeah, five years sound like alot, but I've found out the hard way that, for me, that's what it takes. Otherwise I just look forward to the time I can sit down with chips/dip & a good book.... 10# later I wake up! So, I'm working on getting my head & habits straight this (pray!) last time to lose weight.
I admire your exercise habits! I'm still developing mine, ie forcing myself to DO! Best Wishes!