Monday, July 31, 2006


People who learn to treat themselves with kindness are on the
right track for raising their own sense of self, according to a study
released last August.

Researcher and psychology professor Mark Leary, PhD, and
colleagues presented three self-compassion studies in Washington
D.C. at the American Psychological Association's yearly convention.
Tests were administered to college students.

In the first study, students were asked to imagine themselves in
certain situations like causing their team to lose a game or forgetting
their role in a play. Self-compassionate students responded with
statements such as, "Everybody goofs up now and then," and, "In
the long run, this really doesn't matter." Those who were tougher
on themselves made statements such as, "This is awful," or "I'm
such a loser."

In another study, self-compassionate students coped better with
unflattering feedback.

Students in the third test boosted self-compassion by recalling a
failure from their lives and writing about it as if they were writing
to a friend who had gone through the same thing.

The study results showed that self-compassion students looked
failure right in the eye and didn't flinch. They took responsibility
for their role in the flop and then moved on, giving themselves a
break. The students reported being happier, less angry, less
likely to dwell on negative events, and to view neutral feedback
in a more positive way.

Students lacking great self-esteem were helped by self-
compassion. They handled failure or mistakes better if they
were kind to themselves about it. webmd

Saturday, July 29, 2006


I'm not changing quick enough because I go on and off a diet in a
yo-yo fashion. That in itself can kill you, not good for the heart.
Aah, self-love, where is it?

Speaking of love, I have read many non-fiction books and one of
my favorite authors is Leo Buscaglia (not because he is Italian).
Here are some tidbits. If you don't mind my going off track:

*Lovers learn not to just hope for the better, they strive to
make it happen.

*We are confined in our understanding of other human beings
by what we know about ourselves.

*Love is far less concerned with what's past than with what's next.

*The notion that there might be a better or more convenient time
to love has cost many people a lifetime of regret.

*Those who think they know it all have no way of finding out
they don't.

*Love is not about opening old wounds, it's about healing them.

*Forgiveness is made easy when were can identify with others
and admit to our own imperfections and an equal capacity for

*Most of us remain strangers to ourselves, hiding who we
are, and ask other strangers, hiding who they are, to love us.

*All the things that "go without saying" or that are "understood"
between two people in love can build up a mountain of

*Giving in is an important kind of giving when people love
each other.


Friday, July 28, 2006


The weather is down to two digits, I guess I can talk now if the
hot computer will comply.
Everyday I get a glimpse of how I have changed or how I still
need to work on other bad habits that hold me back from being
totally successful in my quest for wellness and being a normal
weight according to my age and height. Whether I'm losing weight
or gaining weight I am a stickler for using Behavior Modification
to bring about a continual change by exchanging a bad habit with
adding a new good habit.
I still get my sweet cravings many times especially when I am
hungry or at a store in the sweet aisles. Most of the time I have
learned to avoid the leering or just walk faster past the sweets
that just don't taste as good as they use to. Not only that, I don't
like how they make me feel later on.
I'm not saying I study, but I have a habit of reading everything
that now goes into my mouth. Certain things turn me off, that's
a "diff.."
Today I detected a childhood bad habit I still practice. "Save the
best for last." Of course it is never revealed until the regrets
give you this yuck feeling, "why did I even finish eating the last
part of the meal when it wasn't taste-worthy?"
I need to hide my scale again because when in the morning I
face my scale before I face the bathroom mirror, a small loss
from the previous night always makes me think I have a few
extra calories to play around with today, (I think I'll eat a no-no.)
I am addicted to my scale like Linus is to his blankie! I talked one
time posting a "{scale tale}" about how in the middle of the night
in my jammies, I went outside looking for my scale for comfort.
When will I ever grow up or quit getting in touch with my inner
child-like self?
If you still hung in here sorry for blabbering, I miss the writing,

Thursday, July 27, 2006


*Do the pizza pat blot. Blot your slice with a napkin to cut
anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon of grease --and
calories. Saves 50-100

*Shop till the pounds drop. At the mall, try on at lest ten outfits,
both pants and shirts. No need to buy! Burns 60

*Eat like a kid. You don't have to give up that quick lunch if you
order smaller portions: Instead of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese
and large fries, opt for the cheeseburger Happy Meal. Saves 390

*Tweak your treat. Instead of a large caffe latte and a chocolate
cream-cheese muffin, get a small nonfat latte and a small low-fat
raisin or carrot muffin. Saves 340 RD

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

fidget to lean

Folks who are lean are more likely to fidget, stand up or pace
about than their moderately obese counterparts, according to
a study of 20 self-identified couch potatoes conducted by
researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. For 10 days
scientists measured their subjects' every movement, using
sensors embedded in specially designed underwear. The 10
lean participants were more active even after they were required
to gain weight. Fidgeting is good for you.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


It's been 18days in the 100's and no sign of let up yet. The poor people who are without electricity because of rolling black outs is alarming!

Keeping a diary will give you feedback on exactly what you eat each day. It will help prevent "calorie amnesia" and remind you to be active and exercise each day. It is a must for successful weight control!

Monday, July 24, 2006

will power

*1 cup of desire
*1 quart of determination
*1 tsp. of common sense
*1 Tbsp. of stick-to-itiveness
*1 dash of foresight
*1 cup of energy

Speaking of energy, help conserve keep it short, see you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

wonder why

If I am trying to lose weight and get healthy for my own self I
wonder why sometimes a little affirmation can be a real incentive.
Why after sixty pounds no one in my circle of people have even
noticed or mentioned it? I question the scales. Still in the same
size of clothing. Even if most of the loss was water, I say doesn't
that count for some volume or bulk space?

Okay I do see four little areas on both sides of my body that show
some exiguity. But if you look at a stick of butter (fat) it takes
up space and does weigh something. I lost approximately 240
sticks of butter weight-wise. I would not be able to carry that
weight in my arms, to think I use to carry it up the steps many

Please don't get the idea that I am dissappointed in myself.
I'm allowed to wonder about the people that surround me. As a
matter of fact I have no complaints about my life except I am
minus three people I love very much. I find that when I can't
change circumstances in my life, I can fall back on a good
attitude and all is well.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

control a craving

AVOID YOUR TRIGGERS: "You crave what you eat, so if you
switch what you're eating, you can weaken your old cravings and
strengthen new ones," says Marcia Pelchat, PhD, of the Monell
Center. This can happen pretty fast. For five days, her study
volunteers drank bland dietary-supplement beverages. During
that time, they craved fewer of their trigger foods. By the end of
the study, the volunteers actually wanted the supplements
instead. The first few days are always the hardest, and you
probably can't completely eliminate your old cravings. But the
longer you avoid your trigger foods, the less likely you may be
to want them. In fact, you'll probably begin to crave the foods
you eat, a real bonus if you've switched to fresh fruit. RD

Face my triggers on a list could be pretty easy, not! I can eat more
than one serving or my share of these particular items. Well no
wonder I struggle so much, the list is enormous. I would have to
just stop eating them to gain constant control or eat the bland stuff
forever. I will say one thing though, these up coming food items
are not too abundant in my life. (Then again maybe that is the
reason I overdue it when the opportunity does arrive.) Buffet,
sugar, salt, pizza, breaded chicken, carnitas, cheese, pasta,
chocolate, hamburgers, and ice cream; the longer I think, the
longer the list gets and the hungrier I get. What a foodie I am.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

percentage trivia

I like polls, it seems to put a new light on things for me. I don't
know how "The Source Circulation" comes up with their percents
but I do find it all pretty interesting. The nice thing about trivia is
you can take it one sip at a time. I hope you enjoy this type of
posting. Have an easy going day today is too hot to get riled up!

Physically fit men cut their risk of dying from heart disease 50%
regardless of cholesterol.

27% of men overestimate their height by an inch or more; 13% of
women do.

41% of casual restaurants say they offer more healthy options for
kids than they did two years ago.

Cuts and scrapes heal up to 25% faster on people who exercise

In 1985, 55% of us found overweight folks less attractive than
thin; in 2005, 24% did.

One in four guys over 50 will break a bone because of osteoporosis.

Based on BMI, 56% of NFL players are obese.

46% of men and 31% of women admit to double-dipping chips
at parties.

60% of adults don't use insect repellents, but mosquito bites are the
top summer skin-care concern in the United States.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

fat scare

Two more pounds to lose and twelve more days to go this
month. I can do small goals.

I had ugly fat beakers representing my weight loss in the side bar
months ago. It was so gross looking, even though I thrive on visual
results. I think that's why I'm a list keeper, I need to be reassured
by the crossed off items, that I am accomplishing something.

I love psychology, and I use it on myself to get me out of any
stagnation. It's time for some visual scare tactics.

Here's an article I found, cut out from, I can't remember where. I
do that a lot, I apologize. "Here, Spare Tire! C"Mere, Boy!" First
came the Pet Rock, then the Chia pet, now there's My Pet Fat. But
man's new best inanimate pal isn't just a gag gift. Put the bright
yellow blob where temptation strikes-- on the dinner table, in the
frig, next to the bag of chips--for a weight-loss reminder. Try it,
says creator Jay Jacobs (who claims it's helped him shed 100
pounds from a peak of 380), and "you'll never think about eating
the same way again."

The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but
what they become by it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

1 more excuse

Following my injury on Thursday and in the ER, I spent four
days in bed medicated. Yesterday was my first day out with my
walker, today I went out and used the walker part time. Tomorrow
is my follow up with the doctor. Does that vindicate me for not
exercising? (I need to be focused and concentrate on doing the
right thing for losing weight and getting healthier.) Sometimes I
don't know which is worse, mental pain or physical pain. All is not
lost, I still have thirteen more days left in this month and 3 1/2
pounds to shake off to match my last weigh-in over a month ago.

Eating out tip for the day:
Are you too busy and on the go? Don't wait until you're starving
to find a place to eat. You'll be more likely to walk into the first
place you see, regardless of the kind of food it serves. If you're
very hungry, buy an apple, some nuts, or other healthy snack to
tide you over.

Monday, July 17, 2006

let's get real

Besides the broken relationship here with my computer, I'm just not
too happy with myself either. I must confess I have been hiding
behind information and opinions. When was the last time you read
that I had exercised, weighed-in, lost weight, broke a bad eating
habit, counted my tally marks, used my step counter, kept a food
journal, denied my self empty calories-wise, or even discussed the
five pounds I have been shuffling with for the last past month?
Don't bother, it is somewhere in the archives.

This started out as a daily weight journal. I've set my accountability
aside and began to perform. Who am I kidding, a wealth of
information? Get focused again on your own wellness and change
back to using what you know will work you towards a healthier life
style. What happened to the "I promise commitment?" Okay lady,
it's 6:45 pm, go have your dinner and think about a new start
tomorrow and which of the things listed above you will do once
more in progression. Thanks, I needed to give myself a good

Sunday, July 16, 2006

memory loss

Besides the facts that your physician confers with concerning your
memory loss there is an additional reason if you are overweight. I
sort of get tired of hearing the doctor say that all of my ailments are
related to my weight, "I need to lose weight". That's just great now he
has another reason to harp on it. I just thought that since I was
getting older, starting to forget things was part of the process.

Being overweight puts a measurable dent in your supply of brain cells,
Swedish researchers found. Using CAT scans, they measured brain
size in 290 women in their 70's and discovered that those whose
temporal lobe was small (indicating shrinkage) had been overweight
(BMI 25 and over) throughout adulthood; women whose brains had
a healthy cell count in this area had maintained a healthy weight (BMI
less than 25). Temporal lobe loss impairs memory and shortens
attention span. The scientists suspect that artery disease bought
on by obesity may compromise blood flow to brain cells, killing
them off. P.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

misc. (male)

FACT: Beer; Harvard researchers found that men who drank
three or more glasses of alcohol 3 or 4 days a week had a stroke
risk that was 42% higher than that of abstainers. Generally safe
maximum for guys is two drinks per day.

JOKE: "The coach says I'm a triple threat." "Yeah, he's never
sure whether you're going to fumble, run the wrong way, or
jump off side."

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You don't need the best of
everything to make the best of everything.

Were you in agreement with all of the picks for the
greatest sports athletes of the year?

Friday, July 14, 2006


I never thought I'd see the day I was glad I am overweight. I took a
major fall yesterday and ended up in the emergency room. It's such
a big long story, no sense in getting into it, too painful to be out of
bed for long. The bottom line is my adipose absorbed the impact of
the backwards fall. Instead of a broken hip or worse, it's just a
swollen muscle twist that was pressing up against a nerve in the
lumbar side of my back. It will be a big interruption to my daily
stretching. The healing will be a pretty long process but I guess
that means I should be more attentive to what I eat now instead
of counting on moving around to burn off calories. Just eating and
sleeping, this could turn out to be a touchy situation. Hey, there
was no blood, I'm blessed by that.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

weight-loss illusion

I read somewhere about a trick that takes off pounds. I
assume that is if you only have a few pounds to lose.

Everyone looks thinner with a tan. It's a given, right up
there with "Wear black - it's more slimming that white".
But since roasting for hours in the sun is dangerous (not to
mention time - consuming), the best way to deepen your
skin tone is to get on the sunless-tan bandwagon. Like
sunscreens, self-tanners are better than ever - and almost
goof-proof. After the first coat dries, apply extra tanner to
flabby spots. "You don't have to be precise. Just move your
hand in long, circular strokes. You're not trying for a stripe -
you want to create a subtle oval shape on the skin," says
Barshop. The result: an optical illusion that really flatters.

Best spots to "slim down"-- Use Barshop's technique down the
outside of your thighs, at your waist, and along your upper arms.

Best spots to play up is where you're most muscular or slender.
Accentuate those areas (like your shinbones) with extra tanner.
Also try it on indentations, like your cleavage and any visible abs.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


(got milk) GOT PMS? Drink your milk! Women who get four
servings a day of foods rich in calcium and vitamin D are less
likely to suffer PMS, according to a new report from the famed
Harvard Nurses' Health Study. But it's best to have both of these
nutrients (fortified juice and yogurt are good sources too.) And you
should stick to low- or nonfat dairy: Women in the study who
drank mostly whole milk were slightly more likely to have PMS. GH

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

thunder thighs

The more I read the happier I feel about myself. I can now put
that degrading title asunder and count it as a possible life saving
asset. My chubby legs contribute to a healthier heart? I thought
I just heard a slew of ladies rally, and take a bit deep breath.

Women complain about less-than-lithe gams, but new research
suggests that leg fat may actually protect against heart disease.
This might explain why your body fights so hard to hold on to it, no
matter how much you sweat it out on the treadmill. "In the past, we
thought all fat was bad," says Rachael Van Pelt of the University of
Colorado at Denver. But where you store that fat makes all the

Abdominal fat is linked to heart disease. But what about leg fat? Van
Pelt measured fat levels of 95 women and looked at risk factors for
heart disease, including insulin and triglycerides (a sometimes
dangerous fat). Women with excess leg fat, regardless of belly fat,
had fewer triglycerides in the blood, which may mean they're at
lower risk for heart disease. How does it work? Leg fat may grab
triglycerides from the blood and store them. With more research,
scientists may be able to create drugs that help stomach fat act like
leg fat. RD

Monday, July 10, 2006

sticky weight

Okay, the last weeks couple of pounds gain is still here and that's not
good. The longer I hold on to it the greater the chance of more weight
to stick to it like glue. I was a little too comfortable last week
bragging that I wasn't worried about that little gain. After all I
knew what I needed to do to lose it by the end of the week. I was
over confident and allowed my guard to be at rest. This is the
beginning of a new week, what do I wish to accomplish by next

I want to bring my will in line with His, not to be a glutton. Lord
help me to be a healthy weight, a normal weight, the weight that
you have intended me to be.

is the tuning fork
which brings me
into harmony
with God.
by Pollyanna Sedziol

Sunday, July 09, 2006

diet book review

I am not promoting anything I myself haven't tried. This for me is on
the complicated side with too many unfamiliar changes to abide by.
It was worth reading though, I picked up on some different ideas
and attitudes about foods in general. Like I said before being
informed, is half the battle. I have never read an article or book
that I chose where I did not learn something from it.

The Flavor Point Diet explains the science of mind over appetite
and tapping into The Flavor Point. Until now, your brain has controlled
your food choices, soon your food choices will control your brain.
Then there is The Plan, phase 1 which is six weeks of delicious,
convenient, and flavorful friendly meals that turn down the Flavor
Point. It incorporates a daily theme for all three meals each day.
Then, Staying on Point For Life, you've graduated from the school of
flavor themes. You no longer need them as long as you adhere to The
Flavor Point Principles.

Points of interest:
Although many variables influence how much you eat, flavor matters

Examine what you're eating. Read every ingredient. The fewer the
ingredients listed, the more nutritious and less appetite stimulating
the food.

Always aim for variety over time, not variety all the time. Limit the
variety of flavors in any given meal or snack, and never cruise from
snack to snack.

Limit your morning food choices on most days to cereal grains, fruits,
and dairy foods, and don't mix in meats, cheese, or salty items.

Do the opposite for lunch and afternoon snacks. Have salty and savory;
such as vegetables, lean meats, beans and nuts, but no sweets. For a
sense of closure, end lunch with a hot beverage rather than a dessert.

Don't add salt to sweet baked goods. They do not need salt.

Fiber is appetite suppressing.

Coffee creamers avoid, use undiluted dry milk.

Flavor Fluency is the tendency to feel full and stop eating when flavors
are limited and to stay hungry and keep eating when flavors are

All potent appetite stimulators have sugar, salt, and fats.

In your brain, when you turn on an appetite meter, it must register
fullness before it turns off again. The fewer meters you turn on the
less you eat before you feel full and satisfied and the sooner you
reach the Flavor Point.

Our appetites are stimulated by flavor variety and lulled by flavor
consistency. A study in Sensory-specific satiety found sweet foods
less pleasurable when they had recently eaten sweet foods and salty
foods less pleasurable when they had recently eaten salty foods. A
new taste stimulates another meter in the brain.

Flavor has a far greater effect on appetite than fat content has.

Bitter and astringent tastes tend to suppress appetite until we
acquire a preference for them.

Even the most powerful habit-forming substances do their damage
only when you use them frequently and at fairly high doses.

Sugar and refined starches trigger overeating just as fatty foods do.

Artificial sweeteners activate the sweet meter that stimulates

Saturday, July 08, 2006

diet book

I generally don't go on specific types of diets, because they are too
restrictive for me money wise or food wise. I do take note of all
their aspects and incorporate into my life style what I feel will work
for me. This past weekend I read from the library a new book per se
on a new twist to dieting. Actually, I have discovered before many
of the mentioned ideas myself with being in tuned to my body cues.
I will post tomorrow on my blog a few lines from the book that I
thought were interesting. It is a whole new life style and doesn't
sound easy but, let's face it as far as losing weight is concerned some
of us go to extremes at one time or another just trying over and over
again to drop those unwanted pounds.

Located in the library section 613.25 KAT
title "The Flavor Point Diet" by David L Katz

Friday, July 07, 2006

calorie hits & misses

Another holiday under the belt and a move to the next notch with
a two pound gain. I'm glad that is over with, I don't worry about
that small gain, I know what steps to take to improve that little
dilemma. The real culprit is yet to rear it's head. There is two
wedding showers, two weddings, one baby shower, two club festivals
three birthdays, and a pot luck all in an eight week period to go to. I
better put on my armor of information for healthy eating and control
around scrumptious foods.

Kudos to Kraft Foods for giving kids more than a fat chance to avoid
obesity. They're phasing out TV ads for calorie-rich foods aimed at
the 6 to 11 set.

He's a bit round in the belly, but Cookie Monster knows healthy
eating is good. This season on "Sesame Street," he'll sing the
virtues of fruits, veggies and exercise.

Burger King has outdone itself: its new Enormous Omelet Sandwich
--eggs, cheese, sausage and bacon -- has a whopping 730 calories
and 47 grams of fat.

But for truly excessive excess, Hardee's Monster Thickburger
tops all comers: 1,420 calories and 107 grams of fat. Monstrous
indeed. RD

Monday, July 03, 2006

restaurant tips

Everybody have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Choose the restaurants wisely and try to stay clear of
a buffet if they are too tempting for you to overeat.
Otherwise, use some common knowledge when at your
bar-b-cue, or here are some little reminders at places
where the food is served to your table and the choice is

1. Avoid unhealthy and high-calorie fats, choose steamed,
poached, broiled, baked, grilled, or roasted foods over deep-fried.

2.Pass on gravies and sauces. If you have a salad, ask for dressing
on the side.

3. Skip the appetizers, bread and butter, and other fillers. If you
must have something before your main meal, order a broth or
other light soup.

4. If you like wine at mealtime, have it with your main dish. Stick
with water while you're waiting.

5. For dessert, try herbal tea or decaffeinated coffee. If you can't
resist dessert, order something with fruit and split it with a dining
partner. Or if you are like me at times, I order my piece of cake
or whatever calorie laden item I like and share with the whole

6. If your order is way too large, don't try to finish it all at the table.
Ask for a carry-out-container. Make another meal of your leftovers
later on or for the next day.

7. Ask the waiter or waitress how a dish you're interested in ordering
is prepared. See if you can request healthy substitutions (baked
instead of fried, olive oil instead of butter.)

8. If you are too reserved to make a big deal out of the menu
just scan down the whole menu for already listed healthy choices
which most restaurants now accommodate. Bon appetit.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


As an on again off again dieter I haven't decided which word
makes me more frustrated, the word "gain" or the word "plateau.
Be realistic everyday will not be a loss. The plateau isn't that bad
as long as it doesn't turn out to be the great plains. We all know
that means it's time for a change in our approach. No need to
hash out what to do. Let's face it, we've been doing this for such
a long time we are walking diet gurus. Our drawlback is the non
use of total commitment, consistency, and patience. We may
see ourselves as a failure when our efforts are not paying off fast
enough. I'm here to tell you don't give up remember Kanter's law
"Everything can look like a failure in the middle."

Winning is often the results of persistence, of not giving up when
your goal appears to be in jeopardy. Adopt the attitude that if you
do something it will make a difference and that will build up your
confidence. Certainly there will still be moments and situations
that just aren't going to go your way. That is the time when your
confidence needs to be tempered by realism. Be careful not to be
over confident to the point of acting irrationally.

Hey, I lost one more pound and it hasn't even been a whole week
yet. I get excited over little things. I can even encourage myself,
if need be. Maybe that is why I'm finally on my way to caring about
how I look and feel physically. Nothing taste as good as thin feels!
I can still remember that far back. It's awful late and that puts me
in a danger zone of getting hungry for a late night snack. I'm going
to nip that thought right in the bud, I'm outta here!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

stomach ache

I read this article and don't remember where it came from but I
thought it was interesting. Before you reach for the antacids, you
may want to hit the gym. Though exercise may be the last thing
on your mind, you'll probably feel much better afterward, say
researchers at the University of Washington and other institutions.
In their study of 983 obese or overweight men and women, they
found that those who exercised the most had the fewest GI problems,
such as abdominal pain or diarrhea.

What gives? It may be that by exercising you feel better overall, so
you notice painful GI symptoms less. Or it might be that by
exercising, you kick in something physiologically that reduces GI
symptoms, says study author Rona Levy, a psychologist. This
study examined only overweight people, but the researchers
suspect that exercise could also help normal-weight or underweight
people with GI problems.