Monday, February 27, 2006


Two days ago I was so jazzed about being on the right track. Then I stepped out of my comfort zone into the real world of temptations. I stayed pretty strong in the beginning. Each little slip took me farther down into the pit of self destruction and mindless eating. My ride exposed my delicate weight matter to vulnerable situations. Let's see there was the pizza shop sports party, a birthday cake, her home to a monster 6 oz barbecued hamburger with everything stacked on piled five inches high, chocolate candies that kept calling to me, a grand slam breakfast the next morning, high calorie drinks, and last but not least three boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to take home to my no-fail environment! Did I backslide? Not in the beginning, but every bite I took made me weaker. Yes, last night I did away with two whole boxes of the cookies into my stomach. When I woke up this morning, I felt like I had an eating binge hangover with dry mouth caused by all of the sugar (borderline diabetic.) Self talk here, learn from your mistakes, don't give up, pump up the exercise for two extra days, and remind yourself you've lost weight before and your going to do it again follow your proposed guidelines! This is not the end..........

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Tyler's Story said...

Just jump right back on the bandwagon mate!. It doesn't matter how many times you fall as long you got back up at least one more. We all have days like this, just learn and go with it.

Good Luck Mate, Ill check back again later!