Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Start ringing up your own groceries. Women who use the self-checkout lane are about half as likely to make impulse buys that could add pounds, about 7,200 calories a year.

People tend to eat half of the food they bring home within the first week regardless of how much they bought. Do you pinch pennies by stocking up on bargins, guess who will eat most of it?

In plain sight, one in three people binges when snacks like nuts or chips are kept in plain sight.

Opt for smaller containers, research indicates that bigger packages prompt people to gobble up to 42% more than they would from sensible sizes.

A tortilla wrap is a much more condensed form or carbs than regular bread and has almost twice the calories of two pieces of bread.

Well, I always thought buying the stuff was easy to do without any strategy except a food list. Now I have to use psychology as a guideline. Sometimes a gem of information can steer one in the rigth direction without much effort.

Yes, I'm back to focusing on improving my weight and forgetting the other physical ailments for now. Back then I had a one track mind with tunnel vision and only focused on the scale. It was obsessively but I was getting results a little at a time and too busy to notice my other needs. I may even try to rejoin my support group. If things don't work out too well in my favor I tend to change direction, on a hiatus, and it all comes full circle to what really matters and is best for my well being. Thanks for stopping by. Shop wisely.