Saturday, September 16, 2006

waiting for new computer

Sorry for not being able to post since the 9th of September. I had 38 viruses, my server expired, and I need a new computer because the hard drive is knocking and making noises it's going to crash. Nothing is backed up because I don't know how to do it. Hoping another computer comes my way. I feel lost without the computer. I am at a friends house right now. I will be back, maybe even with a loss.

Back to my support group the last two weeks, 2.25# loss, 2.oo# loss. I went back to Curves (with a ride.) I have kept a food journal for the last three weeks. I'm reading three new diet books. I still strive for a no-fail environment and keep the sweets out of my house. I eat my three meals a day and take my vitamins and minerals. I try for three dairy a day. I meditate to relieve my stress (helps fight cortisol, belly fat.) I have a buddy system, one on one, and make my calls when I feel week in my resolution to keep the good behavior modification habits constant. I don't deny myself, I just try to keep it a smaller portion than I am use to. I have increased my vegetable and fruit selections and decreased my red meat. I also always have at least 8 glasses of water or more. I have three wipe-off check lists that I use, all related to better eating and activity assessments. I like visual encouragements. Monthly I have measurements. I am cutting down on my obsession with the scale because I have discovered that when I have a nice little loss way before weigh-in I feel I can cheat and eat more because I still have enough of time to work it off. Since this is not my computer, I have to leave now with a heart full of reservations. Take care, loose the weight you want to, hello to my favorite people (you know who you are), and may God Bless your life! [love, xo hugs and kisses]

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Spouse-proof your diet. DON'T VIEW FOOD AS ENTERTAINMENT. "For many couples, food is something to do," Sass says. "I see this all the time when couples make ordering Chinese food on a Friday night their main activity." To break this pattern, try planning outings where the focus isn't on eating, such as having a poker night with pals or seeing a comedy show.

EAT LIKE YOU DID BEFORE YOU WERE MARRIED. Since couples share more meals after getting hitched, and men tend to eat more than women, women often start munching extra calories unconsciously, says Hillary Baron Irwin, a registered dietitian in New York City. Aim to eat a palm-size portion of protein, a fist-size of whole grains and a half plate of veggies.

GET A MOVE ON. Working out together is a great motivator, says Lee Ross, president of Fitness. "Exercising three to five times a week for 50 minutes is the best way to keep weight in check," Ross says. Join a health club that offers a deal when two people sigh up together. Or start biking and plan a weekend cycling trip. You'll get your heart rate up in more ways than one! SV

Don't ruin the togetherness with being competitive. Men have a tendency to lose weight faster.

Friday, September 08, 2006

old ways

After almost four months, I was able to return to my support group. Knowing I was going to face the music, I reverted back to my old tricks the day before the weigh-in. I had nothing to eat until after the meeting around 8:00 pm. Therefore the 2.25 pound loss was really a sham. I did so well the previous four months just forgetting about answering to anybody and allowing myself to use my new found healthy habits in eating and staying away from the misleading scale. I managed to get through three birthdays, two weddings, a bridal shower, a baby shower, two vacations, two pot lucks, three bar-b-cues, four buffets, two holiday celebrations, and some no-no's now and then, without a gain in weight from my last weigh-in! I also wasn't exercising at that time.

Back to my old ways. This week I am on and off of the scale all of the time and eating most of my food for the week in the beginning and starving towards the weigh-in time at the end of the seven days. I see food as I can have and I can't have and I am not liking the feeling of answering to anybody, even the scale. How did I ever get through so much so easily when I didn't restrict myself?

Because I wasted all of that time and did not continue my usual moderate exercising routine, I have lost a lot muscle strength. This week I did try to do two 30 minute workouts, it was not easy. Today I broke my long standing rule of a no-fail-environment and brought Little Debbie into my home. All six of her individual cakes jumped down my throat! To tell the truth, the very first bite was not good and the more I ate the more I didn't care for it. I couldn't even stand the aftertaste of sugar that felt like an overcoat on my tongue, yuck! I had to search for something salty to get the sugar coating off of my tongue. It use to be when I had something in my house that was empty calories, I would eat my one or two portions and toss the rest, and waste the money. I don't know how many half a gallon ice cream containers I did that to in the past.

A new day tomorrow, a new beginning, a new commitment, and a new buddy one-on-one pal to call on in time of need. This time it is all written down on laminated paper with no room for excuses. I like checking things off, it helps me see results for that day. A different approach always sends a positive surge of energy towards my motivation. For me it's, keep it simple and do it for life, forget the strict diet programs. I like to be in control, not be controlled! Have a lite-day.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


One in five women is deficient in iron, the crucial mineral that ferries oxygen to every cell in the body. The signs include:

>Constant tiredness
>Pale skin
>Cold hands and feet
>Brittle nails

If you're concerned, ask your doctor to check your iron stores. New Duke University research suggests that low iron levels silence vital genes, including those that provide your cells with energy and protect you from cancer-causing free radicals.

To ensure that you're getting enough, include red meat, fish, or poultry in your diet, says Cornell University iron expert Rebecca J. Stoltzfus, PhD.. Vegetarians can combine iron-rich spinach, lentils, and whole grains with vitamin C-rich fruits (C boosts absorption). A multivitamin can help, though iron absorption might be reduced. And only take high-dose iron supplements under a doctor's supervision; excessive iron can be dangerous. P.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The form of vitamin E found in plant seeds but not in most supplements--gammatocopherol--may slow the growth of cancer cells, according to a study at Purdue University. Researchers found that gammatocopherol inhibited human prostate and lung cancer cell division in the lab, while leaving healthy cells alone. It's too soon to say how much gammatocopherol humans need but now there's one more reason to munch on these healthy sources: walnuts and pecans. P.

Monday, September 04, 2006


What's the big deal about organic foods?

TO AVOID ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS: This includes synthetic colors and flavors, all prohibited by the new regulations.

TO CUT "BAD" FATS FROM YOUR DIET: Artery-clogging partially hydrogenated oils are not allowed in organic food. Irradiated or genetically engineered ingredients also don't make the cut.

TO LIMIT EXPOSURE TO PESTICIDES: Under the new rules, organic produce can't be treated with synthetic pesticides. But it's not pesticide free: There may be chemicals lingering in the soil or the air. A recent study found that organic foods contain a third of the residues present on conventional produce. Even so , the jury's still out on whether trace amounts of these substances are harmful to the consumer. Hormones, steroids, and antibiotics are also banned from organic meat, dairy, and poultry.

TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT: Organic farming reduces water contamination, improves soil quality, and protects wildlife habitats. G.H.

Don"t stop here. Go to my BLOG READS on 6/19 and click on, dated Aug. 23, entitled "Virus Sprays: The New Food Additive." Hot dog today anyone? I just bought two prepackaged packs of lunch meat after reading about it twelve days ago. Will we ever heed the warnings? I thought I read somewhere, it's not what goes into the mouth that defiles you, it's what comes out of your mouth that defiles you. Have a nice Labor Day.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Turns out beans are chock-full of more than just protein, vitamins, calcium, and fiber. U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers, trying to figure out which beans are best for you, discovered the legumes pack more antioxidants than previously thought. Black beans, for instance, have the same amount of cancer-and heart disease-fighting phytochemicals as grapes and cranberries. As a rule, darker beans contain more of the good stuff. The researchers say eating one half-cup serving two or three times per week is as beneficial as drinking a glass of red wine each day.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

full plate

Who hasn't over extended themselves in life and responded with "l have a full plate!" Not good for your extended life span, or your peace of mind. What's the big deal about being the jack-of-all trades, a real people pleaser, a super worker, super mom or dad, or a super star in others' eyes? Are we not obligated to take care of ourselves first? You hear it on the plane all of the time, put your mask on first! (Then you can be of good to others.)

Too bad us people who are concerned about our weight or wellness are just as oblivious as others to our own needs. Let's be accountable, the next time we are in the line at the buffet island, say out loud "my plate is full." (Too ashamed, then do something about it!) Besides using a smaller plate to psych yourself into believing you have enough, there are other options. (Don't forget what our mothers' use to say "your eyes are bigger than your stomach.")

Mentally divide your plate into sections:
1/2 of the plate fill with non-starchy vegetables and green salad
1/4 of the plate fill with protein foods; meat, fish, poultry, or tofu
1/4 of the plate fill with grains or starchy foods; rice, pasta, potatoes, corn or peas
Drink one 8 oz glass of water in between bites.
Choose a piece of fruit for dessert
Skip the empty calorie drink and opt for non-fat milk.
Fancy a small roll? Feel free.

Guess what, you're too full for seconds of anything! Not only are you satisfied, but you may even choose not to return to that place that triggers a feeding frenzy.

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.

Friday, September 01, 2006

better genes

Eat right for better genes. If you make nutrition a priority when you're pregnant, scientists suspect that you may lower your child's inherited cancer risks. Simply by eating healthy, adults might be able to mend their own genes, too.

The emerging field of epigenetics is behind these surprises. It's showing that environmental influences can modify how genes function without actually altering DNA. The evidence: Duke University scientists recently reprogrammed the color of mice offspring and left them with diminished appetite, lower body weight, and less diabetes and cancer by enhancing the mothers' prenatal diet with B vitamins and related nutrients.

The nutritional enhancements seem to generate chemical signals that act as genetic stop signs. And studies of human twins and babies conceived through in vitro fertilization suggest that people are subject to similar outcomes.

Experts believe diet can alter your own genes as well. But they caution against gulping down supplements. "All nutrients have multiple genomic effects. So one has to be very careful," says Patrick J. Stover, Ph.D., associate nutritional biochemistry professor at Cornell University . "You may regulate one gene that is not beneficial while silencing another gene that is." by K.A.

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.