Thursday, February 02, 2006

picky eater

I was like a garbage disposal, I ate everything and every bite. I must be changing without even realizing it. I food shopped today for some lady, bought her two candy bars, doughnuts, Little Debbie Cakes, a type of chips, and ice cream, along with all of her food and had no desire for any of it. I hadn't eaten dinner yet and was on the hungry side. I don't often go to the store and leave without a candy bar for myself. When I got home for dinner, I felt like I had to eat right away. My body dictated to me my vitamin need by craving tunafish. Other cravings I have had were, mixed vegetables, an orange, pasta, eggs, and soups? I guess in tuned to the body, you will crave what you are short of in terms of vitamins for that day. Where did my sweet tooth go? I just know it will creep up on me again when I least expect it. Being too busy I missed my exercise for today. I thought I was doing good. At least I got something out of this day in the form of personal strength which will give me more confidence to continue to follow though with healthier eating habits. Au revoir!

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