Monday, February 13, 2006

lose weight

Why is it so hard when the answers are so clear? Who doesn't know the amount and kind of food in, has to be less than the activity that burns up the calories daily. It is not that simple, it requires 25% of your knowledge about food and its content and the requirements for your age and needs, always read the labels! Know the new food pyramid with the daily activity levels. 75% is interpersonal skills. Your ability to learn control, say no when necessary, make informed decisions, learn to plan ahead, your stick to tenacity, being consistent, positive attitude, a sense of self worth, doing the exercise regardless and in any form, set up a program, set small goals, and incorporate a buddy system for support. Self management skills are necessary know your body cues, bad habits, triggers, weak spots, be resilient, forgiving of yourself, be patient, and accepting responsibility for the position you put your body in. A diary is not silly, it helps motivate you to be accountable, easy to review what works for you and what hinders your efforts, encouraging to see how far you have come, a super visual aid, and a little therapeutic when you have to complain it serves like a release when you write it down. Things on paper aren't as magnified as they are in our heads. Last but not least is maintenance, try to keep off the pounds you worked hard to lose at least within a couple of pounds. See how easy it all is? Believe that and I'll tell you another one. I know all of this and even incorporate the steps pretty often myself but here I sit bluging over my chair and dying to get up and go eat! Oh yea, don't beat yourself up. I weigh less this year than I did last year, look at the big picture. (Excuse the pun.) Beam me up Scotty......

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