Friday, February 10, 2006


Don't believe this, but at this moment I feel at a lost for words, what to write about? Being cooped-up for two weeks has prevented me from getting fresh air, sunshine for vitamin D, stimulating activity, interaction with people, and a desire to change or do something constructive. I love being at home and can't wait to get back when away but there is more to life than being in a comfort zone and doing nothing. That type of life style helped me get heavier. I must get back in the ring and fight the battle of the bulge! I must confess I have been trying to finish off all of my white flour carbohydrates to get them out of the house for another no-fail environment. That kind of consumption has caused me to be very lethargic because I am insulin resistant. I find myself taking naps in the afternoon after the meal or in the evening after dinner. As I sit at the computer in the evening I can fall asleep because carbs always, always, makes me sleepy. Funny how the body automatically gives you a signal when you feed it something it doesn't think is good for you. Test yourself and see how your body will talk to you. If you can give up one thing for a week that you feel you shouldn't be consuming, when you go back to it again, it doesn't hit the spot the first day, that's your sign. It could be salt, sugar, coffee, cola, alcohol, cigarettes, saturated fats, simple carbohydrates, eating late at night, not getting enough of sleep, drinking too little water, and cutting out the reruns on TV; those are things we all do and abuse that really does not enriching our lives. I've been there, done that, and gone back and forth reluctantly. This time when the bad carbs are gone I hope it is for good. Can't leave the screen without saying something beneficial to losing weight.

Liquid calories are less satisfying and easier to overlook. Keep these numbers in mind before you order appetizers at happy hour.
PINA COLADS, 4.5 oz is 245 calories
MARTINI, 3 oz is 207 calories
GIN AND TONIC, 3.5 oz is 131 calories
LIGHT BEER, 12 oz is 103 calories
RUM AND COKE, 3.5 oz is 97 calories
WINE, 3.5 oz is 79 calories

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