Sunday, February 19, 2006

computer tears

I'm not going to say I cried for my computer but I sure did miss it since yesterday morning. It's not bad enough I am addicted to food but I am addicted to talking about it also. Back home today, at last. It's a scary world out there amongst the restaurants, the birthday parties, the desserts, the pizza parlors, the late night movies with snacks, the chocolate candies all in my face and mouth, and people with their celebrations in food form! I managed to do all of that within a span of only 27 hours. Not happy with myself at all. I wish I was a hermit. Wait a minute here, I know it is not the first time I succumb to temptations and certainly won't be the last, even though I wish it would be. Move on forward and count the good that has come from trying to be diligent in my quest to get healthier. I've changed my old sedentary life style. I have lost some weight. I do the vitamins and minerals, eight glasses of water, journal, joined a support group, read labels when food shopping, and work toward a no-fail environment at home. There a few others so far but I think I'm on my way. Farewell.

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