Tuesday, February 21, 2006

fruit exchange

The serving size for one fruit exchange varies. One fruit exchange averages 60 calories.

1/2 cup :
apple juice (58 calories)
grapefruit juice (47 calories)
orange juice (56 calories)
pineapple juice (70 calories)

1/3 cup :
cranberry juice cocktail (48 calories)
grape juice (50 calories)
prune juice (59 calories)

1 cup :
cranberry juice, low-calorie (40 calories)

Package and container shapes can make us pour and consume more than we think. When observing shapes, people tend to focus more on height then width. As a result, they tend to overestimate how much is in a tall, slender container. Because they also underestimate how much is in a short, wide container, they pour more to compensate. It's always best to measure servings. A short, wide glass that holds more than 8 ounces could help us drink more water daily. A taller, slender glass can work as a more satisfying choice for liquids with calories because we would consume less while visually tricking our minds into thinking we are drinking more.
BOTTOMS UP you all.

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