Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Someone voted to hear about facts. Ask and ye shall receive.

1. The addiction of compulsive eating tends to be chronic and progressive.
2. Food cravings are often triggered by sharp swings in blood sugar.
3. Alcoholism is frequently associated with poor nutrition.
4. Cigarettes are addicting in the same sense as heroin.
5. Women who are trying to conceive would be wise to forgo caffeine. One cup of coffee daily can lower fertility.

6. A corollary to the habit of eating less is the habit of eating slowly.
7. Being that soup is psychologically gratifying, a bowl before a meal has an unusual capacity to surpress hunger.
8. The more nutritious things you eat, the less room there'll be for those impulse items.
9. If your motivation is strong and you've come to the recognition of your emotional needs, the changing of your food paterns shouldn't be difficult.
10. People on standard weight loss diets who do not incorporate behavior modification to change their bad habits will regain all lost weight within one year, and that includes about 95 to 98 percent of dieters.

11. Exercising and losing weight are the two most important things to do if you are insulin-resistant.
12. Eating common oat bran muffins or cereal everyday can slash dangerous cholesterol levels by as much as 19 percent.
13. Potassium is important for muscular activity, but is lost through perspiration.
14. Protein daily can avoid hormone shortages.
15. Your body burns calories more efficiently the first twelve hours of the day.

Don't take my word, this is not medical advice, always check with your doctor for all health matters!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: We don't realize how bitterness weights us down until we give it up.
Purpose creates fulfillment.
We should try to find the good in people before we read it in their obituaries.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day. God Bless. See you in a couple of weeks.