Tuesday, February 28, 2006

mixed up

Don't you just love it when you are reading information about eating healthier and you find they contradict each other? Make sure you eat your chicken breast, without skin of course, instead of beef. Where's the beef? Don't take away all of our good tasting foods in our quest to weight less. It is only one more gram of saturated fat then the skinless chicken breast. An average 3 oz. serving of trimmed beef cut compared to the same ounces of white meat chicken has more nutritional value including six times more zinc, three times more iron, and eight times more vitamin B12. Now that's what I'm talking about! Yum. (Don't forget if you are counting calories there is a difference.)

If you want to shape up and have lasting success there are three essentials: psychological, lifestyle, and physiological. The best way to manage your weight long term is to eat better and exercise more. What else is new? It is the same old, same old. Just keep working it! CHEERS.


overstuffed_cookie said...

personally, i find diet and even exercise stuff so darm confusing. i mean, what they tell you to eat today causes cancer tomorrow. then they tell you to do this exercise or that, only to find out that the stress on your knees or ankles leaves you worse off than when you started....oh, and my personal favorite- i have had breathing problems for 4 years. it's not asthma, and we cant find out what it is, so of course, the first thing they say is "you are fat- lose weight". well, does it matter that i was almost 70 pounds lighter when it started??? lol- talk about confusing b/s, huh???

Butterfly in Training said...

I love the beef! I couldn't give it up. I am trying to eat natural and the 6 small meals a day thing. I am tired of being overweight and failing to stay on a eating plan that will help me loose weight (aka -diet)