Saturday, February 04, 2006


Is there mindless food tasting that adds pounds because we forget to register in our brains we are eating calories? Somehow we think it only counts if it is considered a meal. Cooking foods for good flavor encounters taste testing. Always at a restaurant we are offered at a hungry time and maybe even an impatient time too, the great looking appetizers. How about the constant refill of our drinks, chips & dips, and hot bread & butter? What's a little tea party with tiny tea one bite tea sandwiches? Browsing a market with free taste testing is always fun. A function including hors d'oeuvres might be preceded or followed by a real meal or something to hold us over. What about all of the condiments added for our taste buds? Who ever eats a little more than usual only because it is fat-free, sugar-free, low-calorie, low- salt, and baked instead of fried? Last but not least, the finger-foods. Studies show that finger-food eaters have a difficult time losing weight because they eat more than their utensil-using counterparts. The manner in which we eat, the area we are in or room, the car, the position of our stature, the way a food is fixed or cooked, servings not being proportioned, uninformed about the nutrient content, and being bombarded by food from peers, that all sounds like sabotage to me a would be dieter. Well, being aware has its rewards now I can put all of that so called snacking in its place! Vamoose.

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