Friday, February 17, 2006

down sizing

I chose this title to remind me to try and keep this shorter. It is the accumulation of small changes in eating, exercising, and mood management that shows up eventually on the scale or first in your clothes. Consistency is your strongest tool, even after a slip up, stay on track. Someone told me if I am a right handed eater use my left hand to eat and that will slow down my calorie consumption. I am a fast eater. Chew gum while making dinner to prevent taste testing. Make the kitchen off limits for yourself after dinner hours, preferably 7:30 pm. Keep track because people who monitor their food intake tend to be more successful than those who do not. Forgive yourself and don't beat yourself up it takes 3,500 calories over your 1,500 calorie intake for the day, to gain just one pound and that is easy to deal with. It is the five or more pounds a week that become stick-to-it fat. (Now self, get out of here so you can claim success in today's down sizing!)

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