Saturday, December 31, 2005


I made my resolutions short sweet and easy to accomplish. I wish I had the tenacity to do a complete medical makeover. It would encounter the physical and psychological difficulties of making changes in my life, such as; eliminating caffeine, sugar, nutrition without colorings and additives, vitamin and mineral supplements, no alcohol, exercise, stress control, and no smoking! Well, who wants to be perfect by dramatically changing their lives, their health, their sense of well-being, and possibly their longevity? Speaking of longevity, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE, this New Year's Eve! I always have pork and saurkraut for good luck, I don't where that tradition came about in my family. I didn't go to the buffet last night, what a disappointment, but I surely shaved off a lot of calories for that day. I count it all good. Party hardy, you guys and have a good one! Auf Wiedersehen! HAPPY NEW YEAR to our troops and come home soon, we love and miss you all, Godspeed!

Friday, December 30, 2005

list for 06

One whole month to practice improving one chosen area in my life; 1. Fitness 2. Family 3. Finances 4. Faith 5. Grief Web 6. Diet Web 7. Visit family in PA. 8. Vacation w/my 2 girls 9. Visit my son in NV 10. Increase volunteer work 11. Back to Curves 12. Hair permed. I didn't elaborate on what each title encompassed, but you get the idea. It's all about making small goals to reach a better place.

This past two months of celebrating has been different for me more than ever before. I ate and ate but kept it to one plate at a meal. In the process I have also kept my weight away from the typical holiday seven pound gain. My mainstay for this up coming week is home made soup with turkey and mixed vegetables, not much fat in there. I just have to be careful with my breakfast and lunch. Maybe I should cut out the places I have to go to that have multiple choices of unhealthy foods. It would be easier to change my route than to ponder at a bridge I must cross and not look at the scenery. I am suppose to go for dinner at a buffet with some friends tonight for New Years. I never behave in places like that. The saga begins and so does the count down...........4..3..2..1.. H A P P Y N E W Y E A R T O A L L A N D T O A L L A G O O D N I G H T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Of course I will be talking about resolutions the next three days. I find it as exhilaration as rubbing on a magic lamp and wishing on a star, one for every wish granted. It's like a big deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, a real stress "reducer." (I like that word) I start out by allowing one request for every year I have been alive, on paper. Wow, the list is too long or have I been alive too long and not lived enough in satisfaction? Then I ask myself why haven't I pursued my hearts desires in life? It's as if I stopped caring about myself, or maybe just got way too busy to make time for me, myself, and I. That is what's enlightening about listing. Now I can see the tree from the forest. Wait a minute, it all seems to overwhelming to make that many changes or improvements on anything. Don't get in a tizzy it's only paper. How about three new chances in life? I look at the list and think what is my three dire needs? I put that on a separate notepad. Good choices, now add three more that you hated to leave behind, to the first three. I choose three wishes four times and end up with one whole month of the next year to work on that one particular change in my life. Even if I don't accomplish that change I move on to the next one for the next month. You can achieve more success when not under constant pressure. As I break the monotony of trying and failing over and over again on the same goal, I pick up some momentum and energy and success along the way. With success comes determination and nudging in the nicest way. No one ever completes their lists when it is long but it broadens your chances of getting what you've always wanted in life but never thought you would have the time to go for it. Yada, yada, yada, I lose control a lot. Have a safe, happy, prosperous, blessed, healthier, better New Year in three days! Tomorrow I will share my list of twelve new desires or changes for myself, which I know I usually only check off about three I achieved at the end of the year. But I think it's fun. PAX VOBISCUM!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I know it's all in the mind. Let's see if we can fool the psyche into believing we like ouselves. After all, that emotional eating is such a draw back and sometimes even a hidden excuse. This is not in any particular order.

We have to admit that we are weak before we can turn it all around and do a 360 into having a stronger character.

Never dwell on past diet failures, learn from them.

Emotional stress and physical stress can disturb normal metabolic functions.

Food not only feeds the body but also feeds the mind.

You're not necessarily fit or healthy, if you're just being thin.

An intense mental worker needs exercise to keep his mind clear.

A real lead sinker to any diet is the attitude that I've already blown it this time, I guess I'll just eat the rest of this and finish off the day in food exstasy because I will start again tomorrow on my diet.

In most cases overeating is the basic cause of everweight but before attempting any program for weight loss it's best to deterimine why you overeat. Certain emotions can send people to food for its physical solace.

Don't make things too difficult to take care of youself by over extending and volunteering your services. That leaves you with no time for yourself as a first priority.

It's difficult to succeed at anything, especially dieting, with a poor self-image.

Being on a diet constitutes a list of no-nos in relation to your old unconscious eating habits. With perserverance you will condition yourself to automatically eliminate those no-nos and develop an aversion toward the taste of such a distinctive class of foods such as; too sweet, salty, and fatty.

What you eat and what you don't eat, definitely affects your mind, your emotions, and the kind of person you are.

If a subliminal influence is inappropiate, an adult has a protective psychological defense.

People often relive past frustrations even though they can't undo what happened. Sometimes choosing to forgive others and yourself helps one to move on to better thoughts.

Pessimism and the lack of faith can be a major hindrance to healing and possibly interfer with your medications.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Weigh-in was a 1 1/2 pound loss. I'll take what ever I can get. It's been one month, no time for exercise, two big holiday celebrations, and not too much discretion in what I have been eating. I did cut down some in the amount of food and desserts, definetely no seconds of anything. Now if just a drop of change can result in a small loss, I assume a bigger change will equal a bigger loss. What do I choose? I will finish off this year with baby steps and resolve to increase gradually a healthier life style, a more active life style, and make better choices in the food I eat right after the New Year begins. We all make those many resolutions and never follow through with them all, don't we, or is it just me? Well, we'll see how determined I am this coming year. I must confess I have eaten so far a shoe box full of candy. That is one thing I definitely want to stop. Speaking of stop... Have a Happy Kawanzaa!

Monday, December 26, 2005


Time to boot myself into reality. I still have five more days to end-out this year. I followed my own suggestions to keep the usual holiday gains at bay per say. Because of my lack of sleep these last couple of days I fell into an unexpected confrontation. Let's see, overtired and emotional, aren't those two situations that can trigger a mindless eating fix? I did respond by eating a whole box of cordial cherries before I went to bed last night. I jumped on the scale this morning to see a five pound shoeless gain. Everytime I get in a benevolent mode I begin to brag silently to myself. I get a boot from an experience that tells me that I am only one of the trees in the vast forest. I cannot undo a mistake, but I surely can make up for the damage. Today I slept pass 10:00 am and then I immediately apologized to the victims of my mouth, and began to think what a good girl am I. Wrong thing to do, after all self-pride causes a fall in your up lifted spirit. I then encountered an opportunity to feel my hidden defect of being biased and always denying that fact. I would explain what I mean by that but I don't want to offend anyone, anyway that's between me and GOD. Once more, I still have five more days of over-eating opportunities. Get back on track, it's never too late. So far I have at least stayed away from all second plates of food or desserts other than my cherry excursion last night. Happy Hanukkah!

Sunday, December 25, 2005


One step a day,
keeps fat at bay.
No ... No, you say,
Dessert, go away!
by magmem

Saturday, December 24, 2005


FACTS: Sugar-rich foods supply calories, but are negligible in nutrients and have no fiber. It would be wise not to substitue with high-fat foods instead, that will boost calories even more and clog your arteries.

JOKE: Time to go on a diet when you're shoveling everything down in front of you, and you notice, your fork had come up missing.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

set to go

I will be changing servers, so don't think if there is not a current posting, that must mean I've given up. I'm all set to go on the excursion of a four day celebration with food food food food. I have my mind set by what I posted on the the 21st of this month and plan to follow through with my own tips for getting over this hurdle in a decent manner. I will as usual, use my tally count for every forward move I take in the right direction of healthy eating and a more active life style. I also count everytime I use some kind of control in the amount of food I consume or anytime I say no to something. I even count getting on the scale, that's like facing the music or being accountable for my actions. It keeps me on a long leash. Don't let a little gain deter you from your focus of reaching a healthy weight. Always look at the big (excuse the pun) picture. How much have I lost so far? There has been some ups and downs in between but I am still weighing less than I did seven months ago. I can't wait until I get back to using the weight room (according to my abilities) again then I will see the weight come off much quicker. I do not long to exercise but everytime I ever pushed myself to do it, I always felt better, had more energy, and detected a slight decrease in my appetite. I caught myself rambling again. HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


No animal likes restraint. Believe me, neither do humans when it comes to eating when hungry. Dieters incorpotate it into their life style with results. I still haven't reached that level yet to my satisfaction. This is the only holiday that lasts for over a week straight. It is festive sometimes to excess as far as indulging goodie gifts, family dinners, party goings, snacking on left overs, visiting friends, preparing meals, eatng out with friends, and just staying up too too late and giving yourself another chance to put more calories into your mouth for that day. However, a plan of some kind can at least limit how far one backslides. I am not going to list all of the diet tips we are all aware of. Nothing new has ever been suggested.

Coming up are my eccentric thoughts and tricks I will do to keep myself from feeling restrained during this season! Go ahead and enjoy yourself, you know you always make a New Years Resolution to diet and lose weight when it is all over. I like to say no to one goodie and allow myself the next. Everytime I say no, I get empowered. I will take one bite of one food at a time, put down my fork and think about it as I chew, chew, chew, and chew some more. Pick up the fork and repeat the process. This keeps you occupied for a longer time at one plate. With all of that chewing it feels like work and we all like to shorten our work load. Arrange your food on the dish in a spreading manner so your eyes see a fuller plate. If possible have someone else dish up your servings and pass it to you. Take a small drink of water to clear your palate for he next taste of another choice of food off of your plate. Don't mix the foods in your mouth. Always say, no thank you first, to everything, you can be sure there will be many times someone insists on asking you again if you want something special they have, then you can give in to the second or third offer. Sometimes they ask once and you end up with less calories, that's a good thing. Get up and offer to help clear the table that uses up a few calories. Set a cut off time with yourself about eating past a certain time at night, that is a powerful tool. Coincidently, I just gave 12 ideas to coping with the caloire laden holiday, to go along with the song 12 Days Of Christmas, which we are in. Feliz Navidad.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


No diet drug is without its side effects.

Keeping a dieter's dairy or journal will help prevent calorie amnesia.

The yo-yo syndrome can make weight control a hurdle and may cause many health risks.

Exercise burns calories and releases spirit-lifting hormones known as endorphins.

To prevent sugar lows and minimize sugar highs, only eat sweets with a meal.

Good fats are found in; fish, olive oil, avocado, and nuts.

During a diet, the first several weeks weight loss is mostly a weight loss in body water.

Tomato and tomato juice low in salt, stimulates the kidneys to release more water and helps wash away loosened chunks of fat.

Vitamin A is light-sensitive. Skim milk in semiclear plastic jugs can lose 60 to 90 percent of vitamin A, in a 24 hour period under fluorescent lights in supermarkets.

Vitamin C is an important agent in wound healing.

Monday, December 19, 2005


I know I'm always talking about myself in this blog but that's because, I have a problem, and problems are solved easier by brain storming and seeing it all in black and white. I am obese according to weight standards. I constantly am aware of a need for change if I want to be healthier, live longer, feel minimal pain, increase my energy, raise my endurance level, learn flexibility, extend my bone mass, and not have a "grossness" to my body. The dictionary has grossness and obesity in the same definition line. If I have to see one more time on television, that lady who lost around 275 pounds with extra pounds and mounds of skin that needed to be surgically removed, I'm going to pass out from the grotesqueness; maybe even stop dieting. What will I do with all of that excess skin and no money for op? The way I see it, I have a natural botox injection system built in my face. I even have a sister who had By-Pass surgery over a year ago and wishes she never had it done. Are we ever really satisfied? In my opinion, satisfaction to me is peace of mind in knowing who I am, where I am going, and what is my contribution to life. I have to remind myself not to look for satisfaction in the taste of food or the fullness there of. Instant gratification is fleeting and misleading. There can be times when I think I'm hungry but in a sense, I'm really thirsty. Feed the need? I have noticed when I am on an natural adrenalin high nothing matters to me at that moment but the activity that is stimulating the release of endorphines. That is something that food will never replace if you are an emotional eater. Pick and use your stimulating enjoyment anytime you feel the need to eat improperly. Oops, excuse me it seems like my obsessive compulsion has taken over my blog entry!!! Shalom!

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I chose to stay away from the party yesterday but the managers called and asked if I was going to attend. At their request, I went relunctly and ate I may as well; and that is one of my bad habits. Sometimes I eat just to please others more than myself. I made up my mind before I faced the table of assorted foods, to take no more than one tablespoon. I chose only foods I hardly ever get a chance to taste. I left out all of the usuals you see at any given spread. I never went back to add anything I really enjoyed tasting. I usually do have dessert, a piece of pie seemed to have less calories than a three layer cake loaded with yummy icing. Truthfully, I even have had more than one cake ect.. I stuck with one glass of punch unleaded. I didn't do too bad, I felt I cut back a lot. I dread the up coming week. I would rather stay away from temptation than to struggle with self control. I think food addiction is the hardest to deal with because you can't live without it. I stayed after the party to help clean up and that did burn off some calories. I turned down an offer today to eat dinner at my daughters house with all her candy dishes full and the cookie making endeavor they will be doing in the evening. I need a break from the eating frenzy. Arrivederci!

Saturday, December 17, 2005


I discovered new natural unfound energy yesterday. I utilized it in a manner that had me catching up on five unfinished projects at home. Let me try to analyze this so as to be able to tap into the surge again, when behind in something and bogged down by where to start. I made a monster pot of chicken vegetable soup. It looks like it will last me for about two weeks. I do love soup but also variety. Soup for me is a comforting food and physically filling. If I keep the salt level down how many calories can you really stuff into water? I ate yogurt for breakfast, I like it frozen only. I had two bowls for lunch and one bowl for dinner. It was all satisfying for me for the whole day. I was so jazzed with myself for eating healthy I stayed up late to enjoy the feeling. Now there's my first mistake. I thought about eating soup but I didn't want to bother getting it ready. I grabbed a fast yogurt and topped it of with a string cheese. I guess the sugar in the yogurt made me sleepy, I ran out of gas and hit the sack. Was my productive day due to eating nothing but healthy food and not slugging up my engine? Maybe it was because I had a sense of freedom knowing if I was hungry at anytime, instant gratification was available. Not only that, I didn't have to be on guard about being tempted with calorie laden foods. Actually, tonight is my club Christmas Party which I am debating about if I should go or not. I really want to and should but I know I will be out of control with eating buffet style. Decisions, decisions, they can be draining! Ciao.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Increased risk of cancers for breast, colon, and prostate are caused by fats such as those found in red meats, oils, creams, salad dressings, butter, mayonnaise, and margarine.

Photochemical compounds through a mixture of fruits and vegetables are possible cancer fighters.

Protein daily can avoid hormone shortages.

Zinc is a mineral that aids the immune system in its efforts to prevent diseases.

Nicotine is known to raise blood pressure.

Eating common oat bran muffins or cereal everyday can slash dangerous cholesterol levels by as much as 19 percent.

Too much salt can contribute to high blood pressure, kidney damage, premenstrual water retention and swelling , ringing in the ears, and heart disease.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

eating out

When I eat out it's always a disaster story. Now that I am back to counting my tally marks, six so far today, I seem to be a little more in control of my situations. After shopping I stopped at my daughters for a few minutes. I was hungry, it was past lunch time. I reached for the candy for immediate gratification. I choose to wait a wee longer and eat out with my daughter as planned. Instead of my usual double bacon cheeseburger with fries, I ordered pasta with grilled chicken and one drink of soda only. I also asked for a box to take home part of my serving. For a change my head certainly was not in my stomach. By that I mean my stomach always says it's never enough, give me more. See ya!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I went food shopping today after all of my earrands. Needless to say I was starved. I kept thinking what new fast food place should I hit today. No breakfast, no lunch, no shopping list with me, plenty of browsing time down all of the isles, and a charge card with spending room, that all sounds like I'm asking for trouble. I must be getting smarter or stronger. I only picked out four items I should not have. I did try to balance it by picking out ten items of food of good quality. I skipped the fast food and came home at 7:45 pm and finally ate something left over and quick. Let's see if I can stay away from the four no-nos, until I have a craving, so as not to feel deprived. Just remember don't eat it all at once! Oh yes, I did lose my ATM card, it was not in my purse when I arrived home. I looked for a solution instead of getting frustrated which can lead to eating mindlessly. It's been three days and I haven't yo-yoed yet. I think I'll try to go to bed earlier tonight to fend off any temptations. I bid you adieu.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Now don't jump on that word. I'm talking about my unproductive actions and time. I just did a 24 hour fasting the day before yesterday and finished it off late last night with a big supper before I went to bed. Today I went to a Christmas Party. I thought I would try to do better by not eating anything. Because I was hungry, I took a few pieces of candy, a sliver of cake, and just a few cookies. I was still hungry but didn't go for more of my sugar fixes. Who am I kidding? It's not how much I ate today at the party but it was the empty calories, not good! Yesterday it wasn't so much I broke down and ate a supper, it's eating before bed and not having a chance to burn off any calories, not good either! Why did I suffer through my fast to negate it? Well I did lose three pounds. Keep it off, keep it off, keep it off. It would have been more if I didn't make those two mistakes. I'm beginning to doubt my senses. I'm going to take leave for now.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Feed a cold, starve a fever? I've been feeding my cold for twenty days now, you get the picture. I thought all of the vitamins and nutrients would heal me but I got results from the calories instead. It's been five months since I tried my body cleansing of a fast. Let's see how strong I can be for this one day. At least even a partial fast will be of some value. I do have a lot to do today, maybe being so busy will keep my mind off of stuffing my face and away from the frig. I can hardly wait for Wensday to have my ear aches checked out by my doctor. I didn't go to my weigh-in last Tuesday. I know it will be touch and go this coming week. I should practice saying my excuses for the next day and a half. I wonder who or what I can blame for my gain if one shows up on their scale. Don't everybody yell at one time. Of course I know where any gaing comes from. But in my subconscious I always think my eating habits are "my little secrets" or should I say, BIG secrets. After all, my stomach is stretched out and much bigger than yours, therefore, I always need more to eat to feel satisfied. I think I'll use that one. I'm going to head for the hills.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

step back

Continue to tally, but step back and ponder. I sat boldly in front of this computer and ate more than a dozen pieces of chocolate candy. This baggie of candy is for a lady on the bus that I give candy to everyday. I am so wishy washy about my temptations and cravings. Tomorrow I will give it all to her and tell her that I can't have it in my house anymore. I must go back to the no-fail environment. My house is bulging with food, even too much of the right kinds of food will put on the weight. I liked it when I never knew where the next meal was coming from. (No dealing with binging.) Maybe because that was what my life was like a lot of times. Sort of a learned condition response. (Eat when ever you can.) I should plan a strategy to avoid uncontrolled eating and stick to a set menue. I'm the kind of person that likes guide lines, that leaves little room for faillure. By Jove, I think I've got it!

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Yesterday I had six tally marks.

On 11/18 I spoke on the cons of some herbs, now for the pros, all things must balance. The herb Echinacea is said to protect healthy cells from attack by viruses and bacteria and aids in the growth of healthy new cell tissue. Green Tea contains a chemical that possibly prevents cancer cells in the body from dividing and may lower your cholesterol and improve your HDL to LDL ratio. Garlic, a half of a clove daily, reduces cholesterol level an average of 9 percent and prevents "bad" LDL cholesterol from being oxidized. Oxidized cholesterol damages arteries. Cayenne Pepper may promote calorie burning, supporting your diet and exercise efforts, also aids in digestion and absorption of nutrients, and can reduce excess appetite that is due to malabsoption; a commom condition in overweight people.

Disclaimer: Herbs interact with each other and with many prescription drugs. Always check with your doctor, what you intend to take. Even garlic capsules; you may have to adjust doses of apirin or other anticoagulants, to prevent excess bleeding. When botanicals are used in large amounts or over a long period of time damage may occur in the kidneys, liver, and other organs. Just as pharmaceutical drugs can cause side effects, so can herbs that produce a therapeutic effect.

Moderation in everything sounds like a good balance to me, although I battle with food consumpton. It's good, it's bad, it's good, it's bad; no wonder there is so much confusion in life. The air you breath, the water you drink, the food you eat, your meds, the authority figures, and even your own mind can all be a hinderance to a persons good long healthy happy life! It's all ambiguous to me. How do you stand? Cheerio.

Friday, December 09, 2005


I'm still sick. I feel like an underdog. Nobody comes over to the side of minority, unsuccessful, failure, ruin, defeat, perdition, flop, a constant gainer, and you get the picture. Believe me my fat is not catchy. The big "L" only has viewers when it represents losing weight. I don't want to do it for others, I don't want to do it for others, I need to do it for myself, I must do it for myself if I am unsatisfied with my statue and health or at least want to live longer; and I do the older I get. That's it, I am going back to counting tally marks of good behavior towards a healthier life stlye. It's so hard to get back on track when I let a long time span prevail. Time to review my own words on most of my entries, which I have been doing, but seeing is not enough, doing is what counts. Rally, rally, rah, rah, I'm in your corner self!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


FACT: Overweight women who lost eleven pounds reduced arthritis in the knee by 50 percent.

JOKE: Consider restricting your calorie intake if, within the last month, you have burned out more than two refrigerator bulbs.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: A motionless body or mind interferes with enthusiasm and motivation.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


The face is average, it's a shame,
to sit upon an obese frame.
My appetite I cannot tame,
food addiction is to blame.
by magmem

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


In a weight conscious life style you should watch portions, preparations, and food selections.

A person can educate their palate to prefer low-fat foods.

When served foods with gravies or creamed sauces, brush toppings aside or ask for it separate.

When replacing a regular goodie with a fat-free goodie instead, remember to eat the same portion or amount that you normally eat.

Stuffing of food into the mouth can be an oral fixation along with the ritual of smoking hand to mouth motion. Any kind of handiwork provides a different kind of solace to the one trying to break this particular habit. Try crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, sewing, writing a letter or card, balancing your finances or checkbook, reading a magazine, clipping your nails, pulling weeds, etc, etc; keeping your hands busy in any of these manners will be a great substitute for eating at the wrong time but feeling the motions of consolation.

People need to find an acceptable means to fulfill their bodily needs for physical closeness.

The most important consideration with diet drugs is carefully weighing the risks and the benefits, and being supervised by a physician.

Other than calibrated scales, most scales are off a few pounds and need reset often. Don't look for accuracy or consistency in readings.

It is estimated that 20 percent of men and 40 percent of women are trying to lose weight.

In regards to gaining and losing fat, more fat cells can be created but not destroyed, they only shrink.

The condiments you use that you don't even count may sabotage all of your efforts to reach a healthy weight at the end of the year.

Monday, December 05, 2005

eating out again

What, eating out again, today? I just complained about being in a situation I had little say so over and there I go today with someone on purpose to a buffet. There was a reason this happened and it had very little to do with me being hungry. I have no trouble at all role playing. I could hear the people saying "I can see why she is so fat." Something has snapped and I am going in the wrong direction. I don't know what is wrong with me. Forget the tally marks I deserve no notches on my diet belt. Maybe I should take a respite. I will admit I am still sick, It's been over two weeks. Why do diary/journal posting if not to help others in their struggles with life changing suggestions? No more personal postings for me until I can straighten up and fly right. Back to just the facts that should be put into actions on paper or more specific, on screen. See you later gater, don't be a hater.

eating out

I'm not going to complain about the situation. I'm going to complain about myself. Just because I am a tally mark doer, I automatically assumed I could withstand any food festival. When I went to San Diego this past weekend I ended up in the presence of international food booths lined up one after another for blocks at a time. To make it even harder on myself I had to stay with my people there for over six hours and it was at no cost to me. I was strong for the first hour or so and the minute I let my guard down, I opened the door up to binge eating. My senses of smell and sight along with hunger pangs drove me to tasting some small portions here and there for the remaining five hours. I became oblivious to the fact I was full in my stomach. That was one day, but I still had one more day in a town of excitement to stimulate my digestive juices. Anyway, I thought walking around a lot, gave me the freedom to use that exercise as a catalyst to keeping my weight in check by burning off the extra calories. The bottom line is by Tuesday I will be suprised I didn't walk around enough to compensate for my consumption of foods in a continual snacking manner. I better practice these excuses to spout off when someone asks me " what happened to your seven pound weight loss the last two weeks?" Chow, goodbye, but chow down I sure did!!!

Friday, December 02, 2005


Break the vicious cycle. Overeating for emotional reasons is the worst of all cycles. I overeat because I'm upset, I gain weight because I overeat and then I get upset because I've gained weight. Will it ever end?

Do not be discouraged when you go off of your diet and have a binge. this occasionally happens to most dieters.

When suffering with eating disorder tendencies getting professional help for direction and support is all well and good but the first step to recovery is to take responsibility for your own actions. No one else can do it for you.

Be satisfiied with a small victory and recognize that you are progressing with each little building block for long-term success.

Motivation and perception are two factors that are particularly pertinent to the shaping of food habits. Motivation stems from a primary biological drive, your needs and your goals. Perception is the process of adding meaning to what is taken in through the senses.

When an irresistible urge strikes try to resist momentairly. Most cravings willl pass in 10 minutes. Divert your attention to some activity. You can telephone a friend, click on the computer, balance your checkbook, take a walk outside, meditate, clean out your purse, read the sports page in the newspaper, turn up some good dance music and burn off a calorie or two, or give a hug and kiss to someone and tell them how much you love them. Time in life is never enough.

Help minimize your silhouette, use a thin or small purse; never add bulk where you are already bulky.

You can save 180 calories and 20 fat grams a day if you eat a sandwich with two tablespoons of mustard instead of mayonnaise.

Nutrition wise you can replace fruit servings with vegetables but do not replace vegetable servings with fruits.

Eating fat reduces the effectiveness of the immune system.

A contributing factor to peptic ulcers is often; worry, usually those things aren't as bad as the illness it can create.

I'm outta here, going to San Diego this weekend. I can't imagine missing the big football game tomorrow. Aloha.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Yesterday I got on the band wagon about the cons on caffeine. Last night I heard on the news that caffeine is good for you in moderation. I wish the Scientists would make up their minds. I do try very hard to stay away from caffeine because I have been addicted to it before with the headaches and withdrawals the whole nine yards. So what do I do after hearing the up-date, I go ahead and drink a cola. I'll be dragging for a couple of days when I come down from my little caffeine buzz.

I am a little jazzed about the victory I had today in control. At least two times I faced a long table with food and of course desserts. I looked it over and decided that's not good enough for me. I'm getting into the habit of passing on foods that are just fillers to me and not saliva producing temptations. I find that when I eat something I really enjoy very much a smaller portion is satiating. When I eat whatever is available I still feel hungry even though my stomach feels full. Of course I have to mention my tally count for each day has increased from one a day to seven for now. I wonder how high I will go. Too bad fat doesn't melt in the rain. I have been thinking I did something wrong on my template for this blog. I haven't received a comment in a very long time not even any spam that is very strange. Adios.......