Saturday, February 25, 2006


Wow, I had a chance to go to Curves yesterday. Without a car, I get there about once every six months. I sure missed that loud motivational music. I saw it as a piece of cake, after all I do the weight room now. That cake had my pulse pumping and there was sweat! Since I started there in the year 2002, I've only lost 6.90 pounds with 3.45 pounds of it as body fat. The body fat calculator doesn't register for me yet because my body fat is way over the limit, around 65. According to the measurements, I gained one pound in my stomach and I hadn't eaten yet that day. That's okay though, I have lost 40 pounds since the year 2000. There's a kicker coming up. I just have to tell you although I do the weight room about three times a week for the last eight months, I am a tiny bit soar with the muscles in my body. That tells me I am not utilizing all of my muscles. It is always good to vary your exercise routines. That will keep it interesting and give you a whole body workout for the maximum results. At my weight, don't think I do the kind of workouts you see on TV. What I do, constitutes a moderately active life style. I was sedentary for about eight years. See what I mean when I say every little thing you do to change and improve your life, with even now-and-then consistency, will all add up to improvements. Don't believe your scale totally, just see it as a sliding scale. It gives you an idea of possibilities. According to the Curves scales, I have gained 20 pounds since 12/02. Here is my example of "always keep the big picture in mind," The print out of my measurements reads I have sofar lost 44.50 inches. Tell my clothes that! When I buy a smaller size, then I'll know I'm on my way and there will be no turning back. This will probably be my last diet. No more of that yoyo stuff for me. I don't believe my heart literally could take it anymore! I think I like this exercise stuff. If only I could master the food problem. Have a happy day, I am!

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