Thursday, February 09, 2006

longing after

Nothing can be more motivating than to see yourself in a picture the way you would want to look. I can't even find any pictures left of me when I was younger and had a decent figure. I can't help it I am a totally visual person. I like to see results. Even when I walk, I have a tendency to turn around and look back to see how far I have gone. I count blocks, if I have ten blocks to walk, after each street crossed I tell myself, one block down and nine more to go. I can feel the success coming on when I reach five blocks down and five blocks to go. But to say 40 pounds down and 148 pounds to go, just doesn't cut it. Don't tell me about those short term goals, one pound or five, what's the difference? Using a band-aid doesn't make me forget about my big boo boo or the scar it will leave. When I look at some pictures from a couple of years ago I have them marked "before" but in essence I wish I weighed now what I weighed then. Blah blah blah~~~~

Note, daily nutrient needs for a 1,500-calorie diet are:
Total Fat_ less than 50 g.
Saturated Fat_ less than 15 g.
Cholesterol_ less than 300 mg.
Sodium_ less than 2,400 mg.
Total Carbohydrates_ 225 g.
Dietary Fiber_ 20 g.

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