Saturday, February 11, 2006

diet pitfalls

We all have our different reasons why we can't stay on a diet long enough to reach our final goal. Since I have way too many to list, I assume a lot of them may just be excuses. My main drawback is my trigger foods that I can't resist. I am an instant gratification person (immature) and need to see results quicker. That's why I keep a lot of visuals on paper for me to compare with. I love graphs and journals. Diet foods, diet aids, and gyms are too expensive to keep up with. They also are very restrictive depending what diet you try. Some of us have to eat and drink what is served or available, especially if at a function. What if we don't even do our own shopping? A paid cruise, vacation, or travel is not time to feel held back in anything, as to stay on track and say no to polite offers. I personally am not, but I know a lot of people who burn the candle at both ends and don't have time for anything. It rushes and stresses me out to even be fitted in their crunched schedule. A new lifetime change of eating and exercising to be healthier takes a plan or program that needs to be followed consistently without juggling it in when possible. There are so many diets available with so many claims. It can be confusing. Who has time to review, calculate, research, or try out a few to see which one fits and works well and is doable for you? Support from other people and family members is really important, but it is not on a continual basis, or always positive. Sometimes you will have people who don't like or agree with your decision. I'm the type of person that needs a buddy system, someone to keep me from slipping, congratulate my successes, help point out what I don't see, understand my struggles, be there if I feel weak, listen when I have a complaint, and a little competition to spur me on the race to lose weight. Am I asking for too much from the world? Or is it all too simple and boils down to how much you put into your mouth should be in proportion to how much energy (calories) you use up in your daily activity??? Don't answer that, I know I'm not going to like the theory. Anything worth having is worth working for. Yea, I think dieting is hard work! It's just the pay off is soooooooo far away. See you lighter, you and me both, I hope. The end to the means. (Of being fat)

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