Friday, February 03, 2006


I feel like a loaded cannon. I know what my trigger foods are so I try not to buy them any more. That keeps me safe from myself at home. With no outside interference I even acted in a healthy way at the restaurant this afternoon. What probably helped me was I did a fifteen minute walk in place video prior to lunch. I didn't want to cancel out that small exercise benefit. I skipped the hot bread and butter on the table and ordered a small side salad. Water to drink, no potato, double vegetables, and broiled chicken breast laid on the plate in front of me. It must have been my alter-ego that ordered it. I eyed the veggies and wondered why I didn't order the baked potato with everything on it instead, it didn't look as if It would be enough to fill me up. I tried to eat and chew slowly and savor the flavors. It worked, I was satiated with no desire or thought of dessert. All of a sudden someone starts talking about the pies on sale at Marie Calendar's. It bent my ears and triggered a sweet craving. I gave in to the haunting desire, searching every nook and cranny at someone's house hoping to score. I should invest in a pair of ear plugs. Now I have to be leary of the wrong kinds of food and the wrong kinds of words. Oh it's a constant struggle and battle, not to let my guard down again. I guess I'll mosey along.

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