Tuesday, January 31, 2006

comfort zone

I seem to be too much in a comfort zone all of the time. No wonder I talk about change but nothing surges me on. I only fasted for thirteen hours yesterday. It was time for my early night retirement, but I stayed up on the computer playing cards. If I had gone to bed like I was suppose to, I wouldn't have eaten in those last waking hours. I'm at the center right now and finished one hour in the weight room. I have noticed the more a machine gets used the lower the resistance feels. The ones with belts seem to stretch out like when a car belt occasionally needs changed. I know this doesn't sound like a diet blog.

How about this then? The wrong carbs are as bad as the wrong fats. That would include refined carbohydrates such as: white bread and rolls, crackers, candy, cookies, and sugary cereals. Overeating the bad refined kind of carb causes not only obesity but also heart disease and diabetes. Use whole grain carbohydrates. Doubling your fiber intake could reduce colon cancer risk by up to 40%. Skip those made from heart-damaging trans fats, called "partially hydrogenated" on the label. I'm off to my weigh-in, gulp!


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