Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I know it's all in the mind. Let's see if we can fool the psyche into believing we like ouselves. After all, that emotional eating is such a draw back and sometimes even a hidden excuse. This is not in any particular order.

We have to admit that we are weak before we can turn it all around and do a 360 into having a stronger character.

Never dwell on past diet failures, learn from them.

Emotional stress and physical stress can disturb normal metabolic functions.

Food not only feeds the body but also feeds the mind.

You're not necessarily fit or healthy, if you're just being thin.

An intense mental worker needs exercise to keep his mind clear.

A real lead sinker to any diet is the attitude that I've already blown it this time, I guess I'll just eat the rest of this and finish off the day in food exstasy because I will start again tomorrow on my diet.

In most cases overeating is the basic cause of everweight but before attempting any program for weight loss it's best to deterimine why you overeat. Certain emotions can send people to food for its physical solace.

Don't make things too difficult to take care of youself by over extending and volunteering your services. That leaves you with no time for yourself as a first priority.

It's difficult to succeed at anything, especially dieting, with a poor self-image.

Being on a diet constitutes a list of no-nos in relation to your old unconscious eating habits. With perserverance you will condition yourself to automatically eliminate those no-nos and develop an aversion toward the taste of such a distinctive class of foods such as; too sweet, salty, and fatty.

What you eat and what you don't eat, definitely affects your mind, your emotions, and the kind of person you are.

If a subliminal influence is inappropiate, an adult has a protective psychological defense.

People often relive past frustrations even though they can't undo what happened. Sometimes choosing to forgive others and yourself helps one to move on to better thoughts.

Pessimism and the lack of faith can be a major hindrance to healing and possibly interfer with your medications.

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