Monday, December 12, 2005


Feed a cold, starve a fever? I've been feeding my cold for twenty days now, you get the picture. I thought all of the vitamins and nutrients would heal me but I got results from the calories instead. It's been five months since I tried my body cleansing of a fast. Let's see how strong I can be for this one day. At least even a partial fast will be of some value. I do have a lot to do today, maybe being so busy will keep my mind off of stuffing my face and away from the frig. I can hardly wait for Wensday to have my ear aches checked out by my doctor. I didn't go to my weigh-in last Tuesday. I know it will be touch and go this coming week. I should practice saying my excuses for the next day and a half. I wonder who or what I can blame for my gain if one shows up on their scale. Don't everybody yell at one time. Of course I know where any gaing comes from. But in my subconscious I always think my eating habits are "my little secrets" or should I say, BIG secrets. After all, my stomach is stretched out and much bigger than yours, therefore, I always need more to eat to feel satisfied. I think I'll use that one. I'm going to head for the hills.

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