Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Weigh-in was a 1 1/2 pound loss. I'll take what ever I can get. It's been one month, no time for exercise, two big holiday celebrations, and not too much discretion in what I have been eating. I did cut down some in the amount of food and desserts, definetely no seconds of anything. Now if just a drop of change can result in a small loss, I assume a bigger change will equal a bigger loss. What do I choose? I will finish off this year with baby steps and resolve to increase gradually a healthier life style, a more active life style, and make better choices in the food I eat right after the New Year begins. We all make those many resolutions and never follow through with them all, don't we, or is it just me? Well, we'll see how determined I am this coming year. I must confess I have eaten so far a shoe box full of candy. That is one thing I definitely want to stop. Speaking of stop... Have a Happy Kawanzaa!

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