Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I went food shopping today after all of my earrands. Needless to say I was starved. I kept thinking what new fast food place should I hit today. No breakfast, no lunch, no shopping list with me, plenty of browsing time down all of the isles, and a charge card with spending room, that all sounds like I'm asking for trouble. I must be getting smarter or stronger. I only picked out four items I should not have. I did try to balance it by picking out ten items of food of good quality. I skipped the fast food and came home at 7:45 pm and finally ate something left over and quick. Let's see if I can stay away from the four no-nos, until I have a craving, so as not to feel deprived. Just remember don't eat it all at once! Oh yes, I did lose my ATM card, it was not in my purse when I arrived home. I looked for a solution instead of getting frustrated which can lead to eating mindlessly. It's been three days and I haven't yo-yoed yet. I think I'll try to go to bed earlier tonight to fend off any temptations. I bid you adieu.

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