Thursday, December 29, 2005


Of course I will be talking about resolutions the next three days. I find it as exhilaration as rubbing on a magic lamp and wishing on a star, one for every wish granted. It's like a big deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, a real stress "reducer." (I like that word) I start out by allowing one request for every year I have been alive, on paper. Wow, the list is too long or have I been alive too long and not lived enough in satisfaction? Then I ask myself why haven't I pursued my hearts desires in life? It's as if I stopped caring about myself, or maybe just got way too busy to make time for me, myself, and I. That is what's enlightening about listing. Now I can see the tree from the forest. Wait a minute, it all seems to overwhelming to make that many changes or improvements on anything. Don't get in a tizzy it's only paper. How about three new chances in life? I look at the list and think what is my three dire needs? I put that on a separate notepad. Good choices, now add three more that you hated to leave behind, to the first three. I choose three wishes four times and end up with one whole month of the next year to work on that one particular change in my life. Even if I don't accomplish that change I move on to the next one for the next month. You can achieve more success when not under constant pressure. As I break the monotony of trying and failing over and over again on the same goal, I pick up some momentum and energy and success along the way. With success comes determination and nudging in the nicest way. No one ever completes their lists when it is long but it broadens your chances of getting what you've always wanted in life but never thought you would have the time to go for it. Yada, yada, yada, I lose control a lot. Have a safe, happy, prosperous, blessed, healthier, better New Year in three days! Tomorrow I will share my list of twelve new desires or changes for myself, which I know I usually only check off about three I achieved at the end of the year. But I think it's fun. PAX VOBISCUM!

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