Monday, December 05, 2005

eating out again

What, eating out again, today? I just complained about being in a situation I had little say so over and there I go today with someone on purpose to a buffet. There was a reason this happened and it had very little to do with me being hungry. I have no trouble at all role playing. I could hear the people saying "I can see why she is so fat." Something has snapped and I am going in the wrong direction. I don't know what is wrong with me. Forget the tally marks I deserve no notches on my diet belt. Maybe I should take a respite. I will admit I am still sick, It's been over two weeks. Why do diary/journal posting if not to help others in their struggles with life changing suggestions? No more personal postings for me until I can straighten up and fly right. Back to just the facts that should be put into actions on paper or more specific, on screen. See you later gater, don't be a hater.

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