Monday, December 26, 2005


Time to boot myself into reality. I still have five more days to end-out this year. I followed my own suggestions to keep the usual holiday gains at bay per say. Because of my lack of sleep these last couple of days I fell into an unexpected confrontation. Let's see, overtired and emotional, aren't those two situations that can trigger a mindless eating fix? I did respond by eating a whole box of cordial cherries before I went to bed last night. I jumped on the scale this morning to see a five pound shoeless gain. Everytime I get in a benevolent mode I begin to brag silently to myself. I get a boot from an experience that tells me that I am only one of the trees in the vast forest. I cannot undo a mistake, but I surely can make up for the damage. Today I slept pass 10:00 am and then I immediately apologized to the victims of my mouth, and began to think what a good girl am I. Wrong thing to do, after all self-pride causes a fall in your up lifted spirit. I then encountered an opportunity to feel my hidden defect of being biased and always denying that fact. I would explain what I mean by that but I don't want to offend anyone, anyway that's between me and GOD. Once more, I still have five more days of over-eating opportunities. Get back on track, it's never too late. So far I have at least stayed away from all second plates of food or desserts other than my cherry excursion last night. Happy Hanukkah!

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