Monday, December 05, 2005

eating out

I'm not going to complain about the situation. I'm going to complain about myself. Just because I am a tally mark doer, I automatically assumed I could withstand any food festival. When I went to San Diego this past weekend I ended up in the presence of international food booths lined up one after another for blocks at a time. To make it even harder on myself I had to stay with my people there for over six hours and it was at no cost to me. I was strong for the first hour or so and the minute I let my guard down, I opened the door up to binge eating. My senses of smell and sight along with hunger pangs drove me to tasting some small portions here and there for the remaining five hours. I became oblivious to the fact I was full in my stomach. That was one day, but I still had one more day in a town of excitement to stimulate my digestive juices. Anyway, I thought walking around a lot, gave me the freedom to use that exercise as a catalyst to keeping my weight in check by burning off the extra calories. The bottom line is by Tuesday I will be suprised I didn't walk around enough to compensate for my consumption of foods in a continual snacking manner. I better practice these excuses to spout off when someone asks me " what happened to your seven pound weight loss the last two weeks?" Chow, goodbye, but chow down I sure did!!!

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