Wednesday, December 21, 2005


No animal likes restraint. Believe me, neither do humans when it comes to eating when hungry. Dieters incorpotate it into their life style with results. I still haven't reached that level yet to my satisfaction. This is the only holiday that lasts for over a week straight. It is festive sometimes to excess as far as indulging goodie gifts, family dinners, party goings, snacking on left overs, visiting friends, preparing meals, eatng out with friends, and just staying up too too late and giving yourself another chance to put more calories into your mouth for that day. However, a plan of some kind can at least limit how far one backslides. I am not going to list all of the diet tips we are all aware of. Nothing new has ever been suggested.

Coming up are my eccentric thoughts and tricks I will do to keep myself from feeling restrained during this season! Go ahead and enjoy yourself, you know you always make a New Years Resolution to diet and lose weight when it is all over. I like to say no to one goodie and allow myself the next. Everytime I say no, I get empowered. I will take one bite of one food at a time, put down my fork and think about it as I chew, chew, chew, and chew some more. Pick up the fork and repeat the process. This keeps you occupied for a longer time at one plate. With all of that chewing it feels like work and we all like to shorten our work load. Arrange your food on the dish in a spreading manner so your eyes see a fuller plate. If possible have someone else dish up your servings and pass it to you. Take a small drink of water to clear your palate for he next taste of another choice of food off of your plate. Don't mix the foods in your mouth. Always say, no thank you first, to everything, you can be sure there will be many times someone insists on asking you again if you want something special they have, then you can give in to the second or third offer. Sometimes they ask once and you end up with less calories, that's a good thing. Get up and offer to help clear the table that uses up a few calories. Set a cut off time with yourself about eating past a certain time at night, that is a powerful tool. Coincidently, I just gave 12 ideas to coping with the caloire laden holiday, to go along with the song 12 Days Of Christmas, which we are in. Feliz Navidad.

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