Sunday, December 18, 2005


I chose to stay away from the party yesterday but the managers called and asked if I was going to attend. At their request, I went relunctly and ate I may as well; and that is one of my bad habits. Sometimes I eat just to please others more than myself. I made up my mind before I faced the table of assorted foods, to take no more than one tablespoon. I chose only foods I hardly ever get a chance to taste. I left out all of the usuals you see at any given spread. I never went back to add anything I really enjoyed tasting. I usually do have dessert, a piece of pie seemed to have less calories than a three layer cake loaded with yummy icing. Truthfully, I even have had more than one cake ect.. I stuck with one glass of punch unleaded. I didn't do too bad, I felt I cut back a lot. I dread the up coming week. I would rather stay away from temptation than to struggle with self control. I think food addiction is the hardest to deal with because you can't live without it. I stayed after the party to help clean up and that did burn off some calories. I turned down an offer today to eat dinner at my daughters house with all her candy dishes full and the cookie making endeavor they will be doing in the evening. I need a break from the eating frenzy. Arrivederci!

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