Saturday, December 17, 2005


I discovered new natural unfound energy yesterday. I utilized it in a manner that had me catching up on five unfinished projects at home. Let me try to analyze this so as to be able to tap into the surge again, when behind in something and bogged down by where to start. I made a monster pot of chicken vegetable soup. It looks like it will last me for about two weeks. I do love soup but also variety. Soup for me is a comforting food and physically filling. If I keep the salt level down how many calories can you really stuff into water? I ate yogurt for breakfast, I like it frozen only. I had two bowls for lunch and one bowl for dinner. It was all satisfying for me for the whole day. I was so jazzed with myself for eating healthy I stayed up late to enjoy the feeling. Now there's my first mistake. I thought about eating soup but I didn't want to bother getting it ready. I grabbed a fast yogurt and topped it of with a string cheese. I guess the sugar in the yogurt made me sleepy, I ran out of gas and hit the sack. Was my productive day due to eating nothing but healthy food and not slugging up my engine? Maybe it was because I had a sense of freedom knowing if I was hungry at anytime, instant gratification was available. Not only that, I didn't have to be on guard about being tempted with calorie laden foods. Actually, tonight is my club Christmas Party which I am debating about if I should go or not. I really want to and should but I know I will be out of control with eating buffet style. Decisions, decisions, they can be draining! Ciao.

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