Thursday, December 01, 2005


Yesterday I got on the band wagon about the cons on caffeine. Last night I heard on the news that caffeine is good for you in moderation. I wish the Scientists would make up their minds. I do try very hard to stay away from caffeine because I have been addicted to it before with the headaches and withdrawals the whole nine yards. So what do I do after hearing the up-date, I go ahead and drink a cola. I'll be dragging for a couple of days when I come down from my little caffeine buzz.

I am a little jazzed about the victory I had today in control. At least two times I faced a long table with food and of course desserts. I looked it over and decided that's not good enough for me. I'm getting into the habit of passing on foods that are just fillers to me and not saliva producing temptations. I find that when I eat something I really enjoy very much a smaller portion is satiating. When I eat whatever is available I still feel hungry even though my stomach feels full. Of course I have to mention my tally count for each day has increased from one a day to seven for now. I wonder how high I will go. Too bad fat doesn't melt in the rain. I have been thinking I did something wrong on my template for this blog. I haven't received a comment in a very long time not even any spam that is very strange. Adios.......

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