Saturday, October 15, 2005

why this

I love to write, write, and write!!! I chose this blog to write my desires in rite form. It's time to take inventory. Why am I really doing this now? Yea, yea, I need to lose weight. I've struggled in that area a good part of my life. I'm a people pleaser. Is it for their happiness or is it to feed my need for validation? I want to be loved, accepted, appreciated, and accomplish the feeling of success in my personal life. Who doesn't? I've noticed that when I pour out my heart and it's long and boring, there is hardly any (spam) comments at the end of the day on my site. When I keep it at a level of much fewer words, I do see some (spam) comments. With my obsessive malady, I keep checking the computer for what people say about my site. SNAP OUT OF IT! Do a daily journal on your diet dilemmas for yourself!

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