Sunday, October 16, 2005


Now I'm not trying to make myself sound stupid, but I did something funny by mistake yesterday. My daughter gave to me last week this little spritz cologne bottler of Rasberry Bloom. She took me out to eat for lunch and dinner and shopping. I used the cologne she gave to me but I didn't care too much for the smell. She always asks me if I liked it. I wore it when she picked me up. My grandaughters commented on how good I smell. I said thanks to your mom. She asked the name of the fragerance. When I told her, she busted out loud laughing and informed me it was a room deoderizer. We all laughed so hard. Well at least I didn't try to eat it, after all it had a food name to it. Maybe I'm not the food-a-holic I always say I am. I knew of an alcoholic who would go to neighbors to ask for liquid items to borrow and drink them if they had an alcohol base. How sad to be so dependent on outside things to make a person feel good inside or happy and contented. I had my share cravings that I was able to finally control. I have one more thing that has a tendency to call out to me many times and that is unhealthy food.


Jerome Jackson said...

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