Friday, October 28, 2005


I'm tired of feeling guilty about items and things that break or collapse under my pressure. I have seen a lot of other people who also carry around extra extra weight. I wonder if they ever have this kind of predicament? Here are a few of my broken experiences. I have caved-in and broked two toilet seats at other people's homes including my own. I was sitting at a kitchen table at a neighbor's house and the stupid chair smashed to the floor and broke, yes I was embarrassed. I stepped up on a bunkbed ladder for a minute and it broke down. I put my one knee on a living room ottoman chair to reach for something and the middle support-board under the chair broke and I sunk in. Using a desk chair at the computer has been a costly item to repalce, each time I have to go to a more expensive style for better support. I broke twice, the driver's seat floor-runner for moving forward or backwards. The brackets came up off of the floor. I broke the chain links and the wooden swing on a family member's front patio. I had a friend one time who had a car which always made noises when I rode in it, only. It lost it's shock absorbency on the passenger front side. There was this big thick wooden rocking chair, actually it was two and you get the picture. I had this room divider-seperation between the hallway and a back bedroom under the mobile home. It was a weak spot so I stepped over it everytime. It was about five inches wide. After two years the gap was probably about two feet wide. Way to wide for me to step over it any longer, I did miss the mark and heard and felt the sinking. One more story, this is becoming monotonous. I have been using the weight room for four months now and I have a favorite machine I always use. Yes I am the biggest person that uses it. I pretty much keep it at a low level so I can stay on it a little longer. It's a stair climber but it is one that you can sit on and use along with your arms. One Friday I tried to push myself to the limits and raised it to the fifth level and went for 20 minutes sprinting on and off. It made squeaking noises and some other sounds mildly. When I returned after the weekend I saw an out of order sign on it. It has been three weeks now, still waiting for it to be fixed. Sorry for the sound-off. Sometimes it just is a theraputic release.

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