Saturday, October 29, 2005

journalize it

Hello friend. You know how you look into the mirror to see if you look just-right or if you approve of what you see? When there is something even minute, you're apt to make an immediately change, correction, or resolution. How many times do we avoid the mirror because we know the scene, but don't want to be reminded of what is there to see. How about the mirrors in the stores that show the sides and back view? A problem there? Well, guess what? If you journalize your life, period, it is like facing up to things. Things look so much clearer, nothing gets left out, nothing gets forgotten, and it's so much easier to remember or review. Now comes the best part of all, it is like looking through yourself with an x-ray and seeing the inside of your brainy thoughts! Do I like my insides as much as my outside views? Would I want others to know who I really am or how I really live? Now is the time to get to know yourself better and start to make some changes one at a time, if needed. Check in on the post for tomorrow and I'll talk about a diet journal. Thanks for stopping by. (< :)~

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