Monday, October 17, 2005


I don't know whether to write a long entry or keep it short. I made a really long one last night and ended with a joke to keep one interested. Oops, I just may be stupid after all, I deleted last nights entry this afternoon by mistake. When it is off the top of my head I find it hard to duplicate. Oh well, maybe I was too upset because at the lunch table, just now, I had to eat fast and run, to get away from an intruder who proceeded to sit across from me and tell me where I should go for my weight problem and what I should eat and not eat. Hello, it's my problem, not yours, please look the other way. Forget the please, stay out of my business. It's bad enough I hear it constantly from my friends and aquaintances which I join in with jokes about myself. I just feel like rebelling sometimes. JOKE: "How did you like your vacation in Las Vegas?"
" Terrible, I left my glasses at home."
" Oh-oh, did you have trouble seeing the show?"
" No, but I spent the first morning playing a stamp machine."

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