Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I couldn't weigh-in yesterday, the meeting was canceled. I know I had a small loss and wanted it to get recorded. I hope I can hold on to the loss for next week. I was at the eye doctor's office today, I haven't been there in six months. The doctor looked at me and said, "have you lost weight?" I said no! When I got home I had to look up my last visit date. I weighed 290 pounds then and now I weigh about 268. That little reflection back gave a jolt of motivation. It's not the daily ups and downs on the scale that I should be checking on. I would say it's the big (pun) picture that counts. I didn't get like this overnight so I should allow myself some slack and continue to try to change all of my bad eating habits one at a time.


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Rebecca said...

WOW! You lost 22 pounds! Congratulations :)

I just happened across your blog today, and enjoyed reading it. Do stay focused on the big picture, but don't forget to stop and remind yourself that you have a beautifully articulate writing style, too.

Stay strong against all the cakes and treats at work!