Tuesday, October 11, 2005

can't get enough

I am an obsessive compulsive person. I can easily take any one of my likes and stretch it to the limit without a second thought. I am somewhat immature with seeking instant gratification. When I am hungry I want to eat now, what I want, and as much as I can stuff in my stretched out belly. I even eat in seclusion so no one can judge me. The more somebody tries to help me in my choices of food, the more I feel like rebelling. That all sounds like serious issues to me. I guess you can also call me an emotional eater. What do I call it when I feel the same same way about listening to music loud and long, gushing over living creatures, and renting four to six videos for the night? I know, lack of control in every way! I know I can change, I will change, and I am in a long process of choosing to be more aware and incorporate moderation. You go girl.

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