Monday, October 10, 2005


This is your conscience speaking, are you watching what you're eating? In my brain last night, my conscious and my rational side were at battle. Needless to say my conscious won and dished me out a nightmare with a trailer. It all had nothing to do with food. I had a wake up call. I jumped on the scale and saw a nine pound gain in one week again. I certainly need to review the hints I jotted down to keep me on track a couple of months ago. These were the changes that were working for me, that I should get back into:
1. take vitamins
2. eight glasses of water daily
3. active daily
4. no food after 7:30 pm
5. journal daily
6. cut down on sugars
7. cut down on salts
8. no second helpings
9. salads almost every day
10. read diet info for inspiration
It seems like a lot to change at one time and it is for me. I started with one a week until I was sure I was ready for another modification. I'm such a BIG baby (a pun), I need structure to keep me in line.


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