Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I don't feel like talking today I am so up set with myself. In the past week I have split open and torn three pairs of slacks that cannot be repaired. Don't tell me I now have to go completely into all stretch or polyester materials. The scale must be hiding something from me. I only see a few pounds gain which goes up and down all of the time. That's nothing new? Plus tonight is weigh-in and I didn't take my water pills. I'm also tired of taking water pills just to get a loss that really is not a loss when I go back to drinking the water. Maybe I should cut down or out the added salt in my foods. Yes, I know what to do, but when am I going to utilize all that I know, about how to lose weight? Did I say I don't feel like talking? Hello obsessive compulsion. I always have a hard time stopping..........

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