Monday, November 21, 2005


My dumb scale just doesn't want to cooperate with me! I think all of those salty pickles I ate last week have made my feet, ankles, and calves swell up with excess water again. I only had two meals yesterday, they both had pasta in it. I wonder if my insulin resistant metabolism refused to burn any calories. Maybe that all slowed me down and made me feel those sugar lows that contributed to my sedentary day. I know I worked on the computer about six hours combined. I ended up frustrated because I wasn't getting any results or cooperation from the dumb computer either. I poured too much sea salt in the spaghetti sauce I made yesterday but didn't want to waste it and throw it out so I ate it and still have enough for the rest of the week. It made me so thirsty that the middle of my tongue was dry all day and night no matter how much water I drank to hydrate it. My o/c twisted my arm this past weekend to attend the club buffet for the Thanksgiving feast. I'm not myself this past month, I don't know what's wrong with me!!! Oh yes, I am full of excuses. Someone slap my face I'm in a stupor. {(I>:)~

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