Friday, November 18, 2005


I read in "Good Health" magazine; Herb Alert, 5 to avoid. The products listed below, which are usually sold in tea, tablet, capsul or extract form, are considered potentially dangerous by the Food and Drug Administration because they have been linked to serious health consesquences including liver failure, respiratory problems and , in some cases, death. The health claims are unproven.
CHAPARRAL is touted as an antioxidant, cancer cure and acne treatment.
JIN BU HUAN is touted as a sleep aid and pain reliever.
COMFREY is touted as an arthritis cure, healing agent and mood enhancer.
LOBELIA is touted as a sedative and nicotine replacement.
MA HUANG (ephedra) is touted as a weight-loss aid and energy booster.

Very interesting, now to find someting (pros and cons) good to say about herbs. Anything, just to avoid talking over and over again about eating and gaining as usual. I'm in a rut, time to step away and get a new perspective. I'm not going to fight all of the up coming holidays. I'm not bailing-out, I'm on hiatus. I will continue with nutritional statements that are beneficial for all to hear.

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