Sunday, November 20, 2005


Calcium diminishes the effectiveness of iron. It's better to take iron supplements with a glass of juice rather than with a glass of milk.

Mega doses of vitamins and minerals can suppress normal immune functioning.

Anabolic steroids does promote muscle growth but in large doses can; produce acne, thinning of hair, liver damage, menstrual irregularity, heart problems, smaller testicles, low-sperm count, and diminished libido.

The common sit-up is not a good exercise because it can strain the back. It is best to isolate specific muscle groups; the upper abdominal, the external oblique, and the middle abdominal region.

Most husbands agree that having a wife with a perfect body is not that important, it's how self-accepting she is of herself and how enthusiastically she responds to their togetherness that really counts.

If in your heart you are not willing to do what is necessary to be thinner, than accept yourself the way you are. Quit browbeating yourself with half hearted diet attempts, failure, and guilt. Use the energy to live the way you want to. (May as well die full and happy.) Sometimes just stopping from putting your life on hold has a way in turning things around for a change.

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