Monday, November 28, 2005


If you let your emotions run your life you're in deep trouble. I blame my weight on all of my maladies instead of my eating habits. I have been sick for over a week now and I heard that when you are sick you don't feel like eating. Not! I do agree you don't feel like moving around as much, rest can be very important, but there goes the moving theory to burn off calories. Hardly any visitors here have a weight problem or concern. Although, no one person ever is completely in control of their emotions. I keep a reminder handy on how to walk through any issue that can control my mind or body (weight) without my full consent. I just need to review it more often. Mental anguish over situations? I try to walk through the pain and peal back the layers of emotions until I find the layer of self love. I Begin to think about how to deal with the issues, one at a time, for me right now it is weight. What makes me (you) happy? Use that happy thing as a catalyst to help jump start you to a better place. For me it should be listen to loud music when I feel like overeating, that will help me reduce my calorie intake. For everyone else and me at times it is best to increase the energy output by moving around or exercising because it increases the chemical in your brain that is called beta-endorphins that makes for a natural high in the body, a feel good emotion. Confession is good for the soul admit to yourself the problem. Surrender your nemesis, obsession, addiction, whatever it is that holds you back from improving, to a Higher Power (for me that's God). We all need help in life. Treat the bad stuff as if it were a desease that will cost you your life. Keep in mind there is always hope!!! I express a disclaimer that I am not telling anyone how to live through any problems in life per say I am only sharing what works for me at difficult times. Anyway I thought I would change my whining tune about being fat which no one wants to hear about and get really heavy in discussion. I promise no more. Thanks, that felt good to plow off some steam.

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