Thursday, November 24, 2005

tally count

Three cheers for "football"!!! Counting today it has been three days and 24 tally marks. Just thinking about those steps forward makes me even, feel lighter. I knew I should, I thought I could, I said I would, and I am keeping track. I took some of everything but didn't stack my plate as usual. For the first time in my life, I did not go back for seconds. I ate the dessert and walked slowly up and down the stairway a couple of times. I decided to go home early so as not to be tempted to overeat for the next coming meal that evening. Or the usual, all day long grazing that follows this particular holiday meal. I even said no emphatically to taking home any food or leftovers. I've always been known as the human garabage disposal. I'm no angel though. I always cover my bottom. Instead of kicking myself later because I said no again and again. I did bring home a piece of pie. After I consumed it, I felt like I didn't really enjoy it. That was my only mistake for today. I mean I straight-up turned down soda pop too. Whoo-Yah!!!

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