Wednesday, November 02, 2005


My spuddy buddy tator is a good or bad food for me. It all depends on how I choose the way it is cooked. The higher the fat content relates to how much the potato is exposed on the surface to fat or oil. (Sour cream and cheese adds insult to injury.) I'm lovin' it but it's killing me. Usually my fat potato chip is scooping up more fats with every dip it can jump into. Of course, that's on a bad day. I have good days also. Oh my, here comes the three eating holidays one right after the other! I should stay focused and be informed every day for progressive strengh. I'm going to need it. Here are some eye opening figures:
30 gr. 450 3 oz. potato chips
15 gr. 265 3 oz. small cut fries
12 gr. 220 3 oz. large cut fries
5 gr. 155 3 oz. roast potatoes
0 gr. 65 3 oz. baked potato

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