Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This is your conscience speaking, are you watching what you're eating? I always throw that initial greeting out there to my diet club members. When am I going to face the mirror and tell myself the same hidden tutelage for taking off pounds? I haven't bragged lately about any numbers that prove I am being diligent. It's up It's down and who cares anyway? I know I have to learn to care a little bit more to be consistant. I am still doing little improvements one day at a time. Yesterday I passed up small pecan pie tarts in the coffee room. I did my whole hour (in slow motion) in the weight room. I ate salad for dinner the night before last. Now I have a confession, yesterday I had a one pound gain! I'm not giving up yet. Good luck with your intentions. I think tomorrow I will review with myself some of the reasons I really want to lose weight.

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