Tuesday, November 22, 2005


After making a mistake, create a new plan and stay on your program faithfully and in one week you will begin to see a difference. Simple carbohydrates only provide calories! I like to give myself points for doing something constructive towards any goal I set. For instance if I take my vitamins and minerals for that day I tally one mark on paper. If I do some type of exercise, eat a salad, drink 8 glasses of water, eat nothing after 7:30 pm, deny myself a sweet, review anything on nutrition or diets or motivation, seek out support in a weak moment, eat my three meals for that day, or do whatever helps me toward my health improvement each day gets a tally mark. I try to increase my total of tallies everyday. Adding new and different tasks keeps things from being monotonous and boring. I don't feel too bad when I see only one or two tally marks because that represents I have not given up I still have a chance. It's been a while, and the bottom of this page says only 35# loss but it's still a sweet victory. Chow.

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