Friday, November 25, 2005

scale tale

I've had 31/2 hours of sleep so far and couldn't wait to jump on the scale to see how good I am doing. I'm disappointed and should go back to bed and and sleep off the debilitating motivational block. I have this fixation for the scale to validate me. My oc has me sharing time with the scale about six times a day. One time I decided to put the scale in the trunk of the car for awhile to wean myself off. It was like the "Whit Elephant Thought" in psychology. I made it through that day but just couldn't sleep until I went outside in my bed clothes to the car and brought in my pet. I know I said to give myself one week of good health tally marks before the results will show up in some manner. I have noticed about myself when I weigh-lite I allow myself a little cheating. When I weigh-more I cut back a bit. When I weigh the same I feel secure. I never claimed to be totally sensible. This does make sense though, the scale is no indication of your true success. It's not only how you look but how you feel and what's your body composition. Besides it's the clothes that tell the tale. I am thankful I don't have all of those good left overs to tempt me the rest of the week. Come to think of it I did not eat one piece of chocolate candy yesterday at my daughters house that's another first!

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